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River Crossing
Carrying Heavy Stuff

So far we have had two small work parties up there. Meghan and Roland (mostly Meghan) hauled in various supplies and materials for the renovation. And Tony, Anne, Roland hauled up the Solar Device, installed double windows, and treated the walls to get the mold off. We are now ready for the first big reno weekend.

Roland and Scott N both have 4x4's and can shuttle to the end of the road.

This means the hike in is 3-4km and 500m of elevation gain, almost all of it on a nice trail. If you're in reasonable shape this isn't too strenuous (although, we'll have some things which need to get carried up so you could always make it more strenuous by putting lots of heavy stuff in your pack...).

There isn't really anything up at the hut other than shelter - so you'll need to bring food, sleeping bag, stove, etc. (or share with someone who is). See Gear_lists#hiking_hut_trip for a complete list.

The hut is too far away (~450km round trip) to go for just a day, so we'll be up there the whole weekend leaving Vancouver early Saturday and returning late Sunday. Roland will go up Friday and his passengers are ok with this. He would like to drive back Monday and could swap passengers for the ride back to achieve this. Anybody good to take Monday off?


Have picked up all passengers and be headed over the Lions Gate Bridge at 6:00 am Saturday.

Drive to the end of the Blackwater Road and the start of Phelix Creek FSR. Directions

2wd drives about 200m up the logging road and parks on the side. Start hiking up, and after another 500m or so you'll hit a landslide where there's an unmistakable pile of boulders on the road. Since driving a 4x4 over the landslide is challenging we'll ferry people up the logging road from the other side of this slide. We'll start ferrying people right away as they arrive, to reduce faff time, but you may have to wait at the slide for a while. We'll choose jobs at the trailhead, somewhat. See you up there!

Date For Round 1

June 13-14.

Optional pre-trip meeting Wednesday June 10th, at the intersection of Tolmie and the ocean (ie. Spanish Banks, frisbee) at 7pm. To do list is here: 2009_Brian_Waddington_hut_renovations

Participants (Car)

The hut has a nominal capacity of 24. For this reason I'm going to declare the trip full, unless you have a car in which case we'll make room for you until everybody has rides since people who can't escape Vancouver can't do any useful work.

  1. Veenstra (A)
  2. Roland (B)
  3. Doris (B)
  4. Allison (C)
  5. Dan (C)
  6. Phil (E)
  7. Tom h-up (D)
  8. Jirina h-up (D)
  9. Geoff Martin (F)
  10. Pascale (F)
  11. Ignacio (F)
  12. Scott Webster (D)
  13. Anne Webster (D)
  14. Rebecca Swabey (B)
  15. Ankur (F)
  16. Simen (B)
  17. Erica Anderson (B)
  18. Nick (E)
  19. Sam M (E)
  20. Veronika Schmitt (F)
  21. Paul L (F)
  22. Scott Nelson (C)
  23. Sandra Nicol (C)
  24. Matthew Carroll (C)
  25. Steve Mullen (A)
  26. Craig T (E)

Trip Full!

Cars, drivers

Try and pick cars close to where you live, if possible

(A) Veenstramobile (coming from the airport this time)

  1. Veenstra
  2. Muffin on the way up, Rebecca on the way back.
  3. Ignacio
  4. Pascale

(B) Sturdy Trooper, driving up Friday evening and camping. Will work on the rock slide until the other cars arrive Saturday. Will ferry from the rockslide to the end of the trail, around 4 km. Will drive back Monday.

  1. Roland Burton
  2. Doris Leong
  3. Erica Anderson
  4. Rebecca (riding back via Veenstra. Muffin will ride back with me.)
  5. Simen Vogt-Svendsen

(C) Madeline [Nissan Pathfinder]. Will depart early Saturday morning from 7th & Oak. Please no passengers west of Dunbar.

  1. Scott Nelson
  2. Sandra Nicol
  3. Dan Eagen (22nd and cambie)
  4. Allison Boothe (22nd and cambie)
  5. Carroll

(D) Scott's Car. Saturday morning, 19th and Oak

  1. Scott Webster
  2. Anne Webster
  3. Tom h-up
  4. Jirina h-up

(E) Car Ramrod, Sam's vehicle, leaving Richmond early Saturday

  1. Sam M
  2. Craig T
  3. Nick M
  4. Geoffrey Martin

(F) Paul L.'s car (holds 4).

  1. Paul Lanfranchi
  2. Veronika Schmitt
  3. Phil Tomlinson
  4. Ankur Gupta

People Currently Without Rides

Please remove your name from this list when you have negotiated a ride, or make the appropriate changes if we got it wrong.

  1. Nobody!