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Table of contents

Beta Version

[beta version]

notes on current version

CA = Clemens Adolphs' comments.

other notes: put chords in all verses
CA: I suggest putting chords in all verses when the timing might be difficult (cf. American Pie) but skip it for straight forward songs (Yellow Submarine).

  • 5 days in may - OUT probably not, easy but boring. CA: Chords correct. Indead a bit boring. Will leave it for now but can scrap it later.
  • adia - beautiful but very high to sing, correct chords easy to play, can play without capo. CA: Scrap it! Too hard to sing imho and NOT easy to play.
  • all i really want - OUT CA: Agreed
  • American Pie CA: Corrected the chord placement and song structure. Matches up with the 'official' recording off youtube.
  • American Women - get rid of the stupid stuff at beg? Lenny version? Lenny version has lots of instrumental stuff w/o chords. Not so sure.
  • Barrett's Privateers - chords in all verses makes the timing easier.
  • Black boys on Mopeds - S is not a chord, chords may be to late. This is really sad and slow. But requested... CA: Fixed chords, made up chords where they were missing. Fits all together.
  • blister in the sun - fine CA: 2nd verse chords were misplaced a bit. Corrected now. A bit silly :D
  • blowing in in the wind - nice and easy. CA: I remember the lyrics as "Yes 'n" instead of "Yes and"
  • bohemian - do we need the chords? CA: As much as I like this song, I think it's never going to be played properly in a hut setting (lack of a piano, and someone would have to learn the actual instrumental parts). It's just in there for the fun of people singing it terribly wrong and having a good time with it, so let's just go with the lyrics.
  • both sides now - OUT - there are two choruses with different lyrics (life instead of clouds) would need someone who REALLY knows this song - hard to sign CA: Agreed.
  • boxer- need hint for bridge and repeated chorus CA: Added those. Chords sound alright when I play them alongside the original audio clip (transposed down by 1/2).
  • brown eyed girl - check chords before chorus? what do these mean, solo guitar part? CA: Chords are okay now and should be in the right spots. Mostly a good song due to the easy refrain. :)
  • Build me up - another build me up in the second to last line of the chorus CA Checked, moved some stuff around. Nice now.
  • California dreamin' - CA: Did this get axed? Wasn't in the wiki. Chords are okay and although the original version uses a capo, it's totally doable without. It's fun to sing. I made the chords of the instrumental break explicit since the old description was quite confusing
  • Cant help falling in love with you - there is another chorus and last verse (minus last line) PLAY FASTER. CA Corrected lines. Chords okay. Easy.
  • Cat came back - uh? not sure what the hell this is? CA Unless someone else wants to bother with it, I'd say out.
  • cats in the cradle - recheck chords Annika thinks they are wrong(is this a simple version?) CA Chords correct but in wrong spots. Simple version indeed without the finger-picking. Now matches the Ugly Kid Joe youtube video (although his guitar is tuned down by 1/2).
  • Cecilia - CA Wasn't in the Wiki but in the songbook. Fun and easy. Old version had capo on 4th, which makes it suck if you don't have a capo. My version has still easy chords and capo, but capo on 2nd isn't THAT crucial for singers.
  • DARK Angel - OUT - too slow too boring. CA Agreed
  • Dont think twince its alright - OUT might be very hard to sing. probably out CA Agreed
  • Down on the Corner - CA Personally I find it a bit boring but I have seen people play it with great enthusiasm. Chords seem solid to me.
  • duct tape - impossible to sing but hiralious - CA Unless someone speaks up in favor, I won't put it in for now.
  • dust in the wind - should copy older version
  • el condor pasa - wrong text in the beg, or different version? need to add chords everywhere
  • faith - very hard to sing... a bit to fast and unpredicable. maybe no guitar? remove solo
  • father and sons - remove the background lines (above the normal lyrics)
  • folson prison blues - check shords, fix spacing to fit with pauses in the first verson.
  • free fallin - check vs the old version
  • from hank to hendrix - unknown... OUT
  • gambler - check the chords, note to repeat the chorus at the end three times
  • good day sunshine - OUT take it or leave it. easy to sing, but no known.
  • Hair - OUT
  • Have you seen the rain - place F slightly before the "I" in chorus b/c chord change is earlier
  • heart of gold - needs a C at the beg of the last line in the first verse.
  • Help - need to repeat the A at the beg of the verse, better key than the old.
  • Here comes the Pow - needs chords
  • Here comes the Sun (should come first) - write out 'sun sun sun' part, put non-capo chords....
  • hey Jude - needs the better, better, better, get ride of F in 'take a sad song'
  • home for a rest - need C over drunk and Home, missing line 'kept the shine on the bar', put the chords for the bridge and the take me home!
  • hotel california- capitalization? repeats in the chorus, what happens at the end...? lyrics in th chorus -> find 'it' here
  • house of the rising sun - passing chords needs Am first, typo last verse, iknow. check the D at the end...

delete Well in well, ive got one foot, delete all the pick-up wells

  • i am a rock - OUT take it or leave it, seems hard to sing with out a longer chorus.
  • i wont back down- OUT - meh, C chord is floating in the first verse, chorus is wrong i think, easy enough to play, but could be axed
  • I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) - Meatloaf - original song to the I would do anything to ski
  • i would do anything to ski - needs chords... there are extra lines in one verse, marked in the pdf.
  • ice cream - OUT
  • I want to be - fine
  • Into the great wide open - OUT
  • Ionic - OUT not good for singing
  • It aint me babe - probably out
  • The Joker - i guess keep
  • Knocking on heavens door - lyrics in the first verse 'for me to see'
  • Lady in red - OUT - nobody likes it
  • leave on a jet - move D over 'go' in the chorus and at the end. Others might be in the wrong places? delete last line?
  • like a rolling stone - didnt look at this one
  • living on a prayer -
  • Lost together - its slow and i dont think anyone will sing
  • Lucy in the sky - seems to be fine
  • mary janes last dance - check the E, fix the words in the chours. easy to sing along with someone
  • maxwells silver hammer - OUT? never heard any one sing this...(Ben, Frances and Sandra sing it)
  • me and bobby macgee - OUT. nobody knows and it never gets song. maybe leave it and remove the
  • mrs robinson - is there a version without a capo? eaven needs an H
  • my girl - OUT this is actually more difficult to sing than we think. get rid of the chord change, need to repatition in the chorus. lyrics - bees instead of birds.
  • new york - doesnt really need guitar
  • no woman no cry - maybe not repeat all the chorus's
  • ob-la-di - fix lyrics in the chorus - lalalala life goes one. maybe there is a better key for this.
  • one tin soldier - all chords are out of place with the lyrics in the chorus.
  • the outdoor type - version without capo?
  • piano man - non capo version (seems to be fine without?), capilazation in the lyrics
  • pocahantas - OUT
  • pretty women - fine
  • Proud Mary - move 'on a river boat queen' up to previous line. cut the 'intro'
  • revolution - meh... I have never heard anyone sing this song. what are the stars next to the chords.
  • ring of fire -
  • rocking in the free world - OUT
  • say it aint so- OUT
  • sesame street - OUT
  • sexual healing - not really a songbook song... no guitar
  • sgt lonely hearts club band - out, there are better beattles songs than this
  • shelter from the strom - OUT mostly talking and to fast to sing with
  • slip sliding - OUT
  • sound of silence - find non capo version, i like the old version, need to make sure you note the last funky line (no Am)
  • stand by me - F minor sharp! put chords on each line,
  • summer time - probably to hard to sing.

songs to add

  • Stan Rogers - Maid on the shore
  • Caviar song from 1975 song book
  • Mrs Robinson?
  • lemon tree
  • last S pirate - arrogant worms
  • here it goes it again - ok go
  • island in the sun weezer
  • halelueah - leonard cohen
  • dont you cry - guns and roses
  • mombo #5
  • all my loving - beatles
  • lion sleeps tonight - with guitar
  • far, far away
  • zombie
  • freshman - verve pipe
  • farewell to nova scotia
  • summer of 69
  • take me home, country roads
  • live forever - oasis
  • wonderwall - oasis