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Ashlu-Elaho Ski Traverse

Participants must have backcountry skiing experience. Information on the trip can be found in John Baldwin's ski guide in the clubroom.

Trip length is about 3-4 days.

Interested Participants

  1. Richard So
  2. Tim Blair
  3. Christian Veenstra
  4. Sebastian Oppel
  5. Line Christiansen
  6. Meghan Anderson
  7. Natalie Stafl
  8. Lara Thompson
  9. BramvS
  10. Christian Champagne
  11. James Griffiths (unconfirmed?)
  12. Stephen Mullen
  13. Thomas Brunner
  14. Matthew Carroll


Pre-trip meeting

April 2nd, 2007 @ 6 pm in the clubroom.

Groups (filling in the gaps)

  1. Christian Veenstra, Line Christiansen, Christian Champagne, Matthew Carroll, Natalie Stafl, Meghan Anderson (CAN minivan booked.)
  2. Richard So, Tim Blair, Stephen Mullen, Sebastian Oppel
  3. BramvS, Lara Thompson, Thomas Brunner, James Griffiths (Reserved a 4p rental car, but can cancel if some space is available in other cars)

Group Gear

  • Rope
  • First Aid Kit
  • Binding repair kit

Access & Maps

Ashlu Main

Hedberg & Associates 604-815-4555 seem to be the people using this road.

According to a post on, the IPP construction is keeping the Ashlu-Main road clear of snow to Km 6. We should look at the maps at see if we want to take Ashlu A700/720 up to Buck Mountain to start (steep bushwack likely), and then ski down the road from Shortcut Creek (approx 18km) or the opposite.

There is a description of the route and a map on which is pitifully small, so Matthew made it big here. He also made some 1:20,000 pdf maps on iMapBC (the .ssn files are saved sessions for the maps which can be loaded into iMapBC).

Ashlu logging road update (Scrambles guidebook): Cairn Publishing.

Bivouac: Access to Buck--Zig-Zag col. Bivouac: Ashlu Main Road Bulletin.

Weather forecasts

Whistler alpine forecast

North Shore alpine forecast

Squamish - Weather Office