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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.

Avalanche Course January 2007

The course is being provided by the Canada West Mountain School. There will be space in this course for 16-24 students. Intermediate skiers (comfortable everywhere), beginner skiers (comfortable in powder and on groomed runs), and snowshoers (with or without snowboards) are all welcome -- you will be put in groups based on your travel speed. This wiki page will be updated as details for this course become available -- if you have questions that cannot be answered here then contact Sandra Nicol (sandra DOT nicol AT telus DOT net).


The price for this course depends on how many people sign up. The price will be $175+gst ($185.50) per person. However, if 24 people sign up for this course then each student will get $21.20 back (hurrah!). You need to pay this amount to the VOC in cash to sign-up for a spot. You will also need to purchase a Whistler backcountry pass for $37+gst ($39.22) for Sunday (or use your student pass). Other costs for this course will be gas money for your driver and any equipment rentals that you require.

How to Sign Up

You can reserve a spot over the holidays by contacting Sandra. However, if you have reserved a spot you must pay as soon as you return to Vancouver/classes start, or your spot will be given to someone else. To sign up you will need to pay in advance, in cash, by the morning of January 12. Pay for the course in the clubroom. An exec member will take your money, put it in the special avalanche school envelope, and give you some forms to fill out. You can arrange to sign up over the holidays by contacting Sandra -- if she is not skiing then she will open up the clubroom for you and get you set up.

When and Where

Sign-up deadline: January 12, 2007. Sandra has to give the money and the list of students to Canada West Mountain School on this date.

Classroom session: January 24, 6-9pm, Scarfe 210
Field Day 1: January 27, at Seymour
Field Day 2: January 28, at Whistler


The following equipment will be provided for you, but bring your own if you have it:

  • probe
  • avalanche beacon
  • shovel

You will be responsible for this equipment:

  • travel equipment: skis+skins+boots+poles, or snowshoes+snowboard+boots...
  • warm and waterproof clothing
  • pencil and small notepad for field notes
  • lunch for Saturday and Sunday


The course has started, this is for reference only not sign-up!

Group 1

  1. Lisa Blachut
  2. Christian Champagne
  3. Philippe Le Billon
  4. Afton Halloran
  5. Bronwyn J
  6. Matthew Carroll
  7. Elissa Smith
  8. Mike Danilov

Group 2

  1. Marcus Rohrbach (ski)
  2. Jacob Garcia-Nieto (snowshoe + ski)
  3. Piotr Forysinski (ski)
  4. Isak Stoddard (snowshoe + snowboard)
  5. Nick Edgar (snowshoe + snowboard)
  6. Rick Havlak (snowshoe + snowboard)
  7. Liz Cross (splitboard)
  8. Gili Rosenberg (skis)


Rick Havlak [[email protected], king ed (25th) and oak, 3-4]

  1. Lisa Blachut (False Creek, Oak St [from Members list])
  2. Bronwyn (41st + blenheim)
  3. Liz Cross (W 2nd and Blenheim [from Members list])
  4. Mike Danilov (Kits, W 7th and Larch)

Gili Rosenberg [[email protected], UBC, 4 passengers, on Saturday going immediately to Cypress for nightskiing, but on Sunday returning directly to Vancouver]

  1. Piotr (UBC)
  2. Matthew (19th + Dunbar)
  3. Elissa (19th + Dunbar)

Isak Stoddard [1-2 passengers] (truck)

  1. Jacob Garcia-Nieto
  2. Philippe (W 12th + Camosun)

Nick Edgar [3 passengers] (going to Whistler Saturday night)

  1. Christian Champagne
  2. Afton Halloran (Campus - Fairview Residence)
  3. Marcus Rohrbach (UBC)