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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Beacon practice at Wreck Beach!

There is no such thing as too much practice with avalanche beacons, so EVERYONE could use a little more. We'll be heading down to Wreck Beach after dark where we'll bury avalanche beacons and practice finding them. If you have no idea how to use a beacon, we'll teach you. If you know what you're doing, you can either help instruct people or work on complex scenarios.



Due to crappy weather, beacon practice has been postponed until Thursday February 10th. Same time and meeting place (6pm, base of the stairs) only one week later!

The beacon practice session will take place at Wreck Beach on February 3rd from 6pm onwards. Once we're done playing in the sand we'll walk over to The Gallery (or Koerner's) and have some victory beers.


Wreck Beach - we'll meet at the base of the stairs.

What To Bring

If you have a beacon, bring it, along with something sturdy and sand-proof to put it in. Putting your beacon inside a zip-lock baggy, inside a Tupperware container makes it pretty much invulnerable to most abuse. If you don't have a beacon, don't sweat it, we'll bring a few club beacons and not everyone needs one all the time. It can get chilly on the beach though, so bring warm clothes. A headlamp might be a good idea too.

Sign Up

Instructors - should be comfortable with two beacon search techniques using BCA Tracker DTS Beacons

  1. Phil Tomlinson
  2. Katherine V

Beginners - maybe you've carried beacons on trip, but you're not totally comfortable you could find a buried buddy in a panic, and the idea of two buried beacons is just terrifying

  1. Noriko Okamoto
  2. Vicky Alfred
  3. Gaby Espino
  4. Michael Uhlmann
  5. Rebecca Abernethy
  6. Sherri Tran
  7. Caitlin (would like to practice multiple burials as well)
  8. Breanne (also want to practice multiple burials)
  9. Kathrin (if I get out of the lab in time, wants to practice multiple burials )
  10. Elizabeth H. (also want to practice multiple burials if there's enough time)
  11. Anna Stemberger
  12. Bieke Gils
  13. Tyler Hawkins
  14. Marius M (would like to practice multiple burials as well)
  15. Adriana M
  16. Tom C.

Advanced Search - Finding two widely spaced beacons is a piece of cake, but what about vertical burials and close spacings? There's no instructors for this group. It's all about setting up scenarios and working out how to solve them. If you can't figure out how to solve them, there will be people around who can help you.

  1. Todd Mackenzie
  2. Murray D (6:45ish, can also instruct beginners, especially with analog beacons)
  3. Olivier Thommen (intermediate, willing to test the new one Daddy offered for Christmas)
  4. Skyler
  5. Anne V
  6. Muffin (I want to mess around with the analog/digital modes/over-rides of my Pulse)