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The Plan

Due to birthday (not mine) related liver pickling Saturday night, I'm going to be pretty painfully hung over on Sunday.

One of Vicky's and my favourite hangover cures is to go for a bike ride out to Savary Island Pie Company in West Van for a slice of pie. If the weather isn't too too terrible then we'll continue onwards towards Lighthouse Park or Horseshoe Bay.

Bike rides are definitely a more the merrier thing (as is pie) so everyone's invited. We're going to leave our place (20th and Cambie) at 12:00 and can meet people anywhere along the way. We'll probably ride over to Science world and then follow the sea wall on the downtown side out to Stanley Park before crossing the bridge.

I know it's not skiing, but for those of you getting murdered by exams (or even worse, trying to mark your way through unending piles of lab reports and finals), it'll be a nice afternoon off.

Possible meetup times

(Feel free to suggest others)

12:00 at the Starbucks at 19th and Cambie
12:30 at Science World
1:15 at the base of the Lions Gate
1:45 at Savary Island Pie Co.

Sign Up

Include your name and where and when you would like to meet up along the route.

  1. Phil - Starbucks at 19th and Cambie
  2. Vicky - same as Phil
  3. Florin - Cambie
  4. Sara - Cambie too

  5. etc