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Minutes : Meeting February 9th 2005

- After discussion, we have adopted the IKEA method meaning, not to prefab the hut in vancouver (trustes and first floor) and just cut all the pieces at the right length and angle. We will bring more material on site just in case :o). It will be easier for the transport.

- We decided to add ties to have stronger trustes

- Eaves or no eaves, that is the question. We decided to wait and make a decision after the talk with the metal sheet guys. Rueben will send drawing to the guys at the end of this week and will try to scquedule a meeting with them.

- We said that bringing a generatrice on site is not a good idea. We need to do more investigation to see if batteries may be an alternative.

- We hope to start the construction soon. Roland wished that all the IKEA pieces can be ship in May so he and his children will be able to enjoy their backyard during the summer.