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This workhike was completed september 24-25

Decommission Existing Hut

Major project in it's own right. Destruction requires less skill and precion than construction, plus it's fun.

  • Take the old hut apart and turn it into a firewood supply. Some of the better matierial may be used for building a porch, and stairs at the new hut.
  • Do not make bonfires!
  • Remove sheet metal, and other non-firewood parts, to be helicoptered out at a later date.
  • Clean up the site, pick up all garbage, to be burned or helicoptered.
  • Take out the privy --> firewood, next summer, after the new privy is built.
  • Fall of 2006, pay for a helicopter to fly out all remaining debris.

Sign up

The first trip to decommission the old hut will be September 24-25. We need about 30 people to do all the tasks! Sign up below, and please indicate if you have a vehicle and what type:

Special Thanks to all who participated

  1. Scott Nelson
  2. Sandra Nicol
  3. Rueben Schultz
  4. Philipp Winter
  5. Martin Le-Huu
  6. Scott Webster
  7. Pascal Ziltener
  8. Charles Bogart
  9. Sébastien Crouzet
  10. Cory Sine
  11. Oker Chen
  12. Arno Waizenegger
  13. Martin Birse
  14. Leila Larson
  15. Kim Hunnam
  16. Roland Burton
  17. Kevin Burton
  18. Meredith Seeton
  19. Erik Naslund
  20. Steve Lerch