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From Sandra Nicol

Twenty hardy volunteers hiked up to tear down the old Brew Hut and put some finishing touches on the new hut this weekend, with great success. The old Brew Hut has been torn down and divided into piles: cut firewood, wood with nails removed ready to be cut into firewood, wood without nails removed, and garbage to be flown out. Enough firewood for this winter has been carried up to the new hut, as well as the pieces required to build a wood shed (we're using the tops of the arches from the old hut to make a shed). The rest of the white paint has been applied to the inside of the new hut, and all of the remaining trim has been painted a nice bright yellow. The windows have been fixed so that they will not bang open, and coat hooks have been put up around the stove. There is still more to do, including putting the furniture in the new hut back together once the paint is dry, building the woodshed, putting up the outhouse (this one will wait until next summer), and putting up the information posters inside the hut.

Much fun was had on Saturday evening, with card games, singing (need to bring more song book sup too!), and a dessert potluck featuring fudge, apple cobbler, brownies, and lots of hot chocolate. Thirteen people slept in the hut and were very warm; the rest slept in tents with varying degrees of warmness. [Two hardy souls also slept in the remains of the old hut - ed]

And now a list of the hardy volunteers: Scott Nelson, Sandra Nicol, Rueben Schultz, Philipp Winter, Martin Le-Huu, Scott Webster, Pascal Ziltener, Charles Bogart, S??bastien Crouzet, Cory Sine, Oker Chen, Arno Waizenegger, Martin Birse, Leila Larson, Kim Hunnam, Roland Burton, Kevin Burton, Meredith Seeton, Erik Naslund, and Steve Lerch. Many thanks to all!???