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Snowpack data

The idea here is to establish snow accumulation patterns in the area. Any data, even annecdotal, is welcome.

  • April 1st, 2003 -- Snow up to the top of the roof at Brew hut. Less than 1m of snow at microbrew.
  • November 14, 2004 -- 1.0m in drift near Brew Hut, no snow at microbrew (scoured by steady 60km/h winds), 50-60cm at Brew Lake. Light winds at brew hut (sheltered from trees) and in brew lake basin.
  • February 6, 2005 -- 2.5m at Brew Hut, 60cm at microbrew (wind scoured to only 20cm immediately around microbrew with scour pattern indicating winds from SE), 2m at flat basin above brew lake, 1.6m at Brew Lake. Steady NW winds at Brew hut and Mircobrew. Light NW winds at upper basin and Brew Lake.
  • April 9th, 2005 -- about 60cm of total snow at microbrew, with scour pattern showing winds from SSE. Light winds at microbrew, no wind at brew Lake. 3m snowpack at brew lake.