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  • Dear Premier Campbell,
  • Dear Minister Neufeld,
  • Dear Minister Penner,
*I am writing because I am deeply concerned about British Columbia’s new Energy Plan. 

While it contains some ambitious measures, such as the phasing in of vehicle emissions standards, it does not make a serious commitment to addressing the problem of climate change. In reality, this plan highlights your government’s insistence to continue pursuing the development of exhaustible, polluting industries, such as oil and gas. Subsidies for these amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars each year, while the newly-created Clean Energy fund has only been allotted $25 million, less than one-tenth that amount. It is clear where the Liberals’ priorities still lie.

*It also cannot be ignored that this government will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the Highway 1 expansion project, instead of pursuing the option of rapid, mass transit. 

More highway capacity will only ensure more cars on the road, which in the long term contradicts the stated goals of decreasing overall vehicle emissions. Therefore, I remain unconvinced by a “Vision for Clean Energy Leadership” that continues to rely on the polluting industries of previous generations who had little regard for their environment and the impact they had upon it.

*I call upon your government to make a more serious commitment to addressing the issue of climate change by making amendments to the Energy Plan. 

More money should be allocated towards alternative technologies and future Oil and Gas development should cease. Only by taking a bold step in this direction will the BC Liberals convince myself, and other concerned individuals, that they are truly committed to being stewards of the province and protecting the environment we all live in.


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