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This is a climbing competition for VOC members of any skill level. The goal is just to have fun. There are prizes for the best male and female climbers, as well as for the best milk crate stacker and a door prize. That means you can win something even if you suck at climbing (like me). Winners will be based on a point accumulation basis and the door prize will be randomly drawn. There will be climbs of varied difficulty and completion of a climbs gets you a number of points that correlates to the difficulty of the climb. The price to enter is $5.00.

Date and Time

Monday March 29th at 7:00pm in the VOC climbing wall aka back of the Norm theater in the SUB.

What to bring with you

- Harness
- Belay device
- Rock shoes
- $5.00
- Chalk bag (optional)


Signs up here if you want to participate. You don't need to sign up ahead of time, just show up, but this will give us an idea of who is coming. If we get lots of people signing up ahead of time we will buy more prizes.

  1. Veenstra!
  2. Todd Mackenzie!
  3. Nina!!
  4. Vicky!!!
  5. Phil!!!!
  6. Champagne!!!!!
  7. Doris! non-climber, just coming to hang out :)
  8. Kelvin! also just coming to hang out and lend a hand

Route setting

Visit this page to sign up to help set routes for the competition.