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Where: VOC Clubroom (SUB basement N)
When: Thursday, October 4th from 11am-3pm
What: Cleaning a year's worth of junk out of our clubroom to make it a pleasant, non-stinky place once again. Also counts as a workhike. Specific tasks will involve: taking out garbage & recycling; clearing off counters and desktop; washing dishes, fridge and microwave; clearing, sweeping and washing the floor; organizing the bookshelves and archives.



  1. Andrew Craigen
  2. Susie Dain-Owens
  3. Samantha Landa

Organizer/whip cracker: Kaja Sadowski


Organizer/whip cracker: Kaja Sadowski


  1. Kevin Cooper
  2. Emilia Hurd

Organizer/whip cracker: Kaja Sadowski


  1. Caitlin Harrigan
  2. Robin Matthews

Organizer/whip cracker: Duncan McPhedran