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A weekend of cleaning Europa in continuous shifts is being planned for September 28-30. Cleaning will be done in pairs, with people who haven't been up there before teaming up with someone who is experienced. Please see the message board thread for more details.

Leaders Sign Up

This is people who have previously cleaned Europa, and have been asked to lead a cleaning run. If you're not sure if this is you, talk to Jeff or Matthew or post in the message board thread above.

  1. Matthew Carroll (all weekend)
  2. Steve Mullen
  3. Christian Champagne
  4. Natalie Stafl
  5. Jeff Mottershead

Accomplices Sign Up

This is people who haven't cleaned before, or who have but still feel more comfortable going with someone more experienced. Before signing up, please see this message board thread for what is involved, and if you are unsure whether you have the appropriate skills/experience, again, talk to Jeff.

  1. Evan Morris
  2. Madeleine Martin-Preney
  3. Miriam Barrueto
  4. Christian Sampaleanu
  5. Bob Lai (see how much I can help)
  6. Matthew Baker
  7. Meghan Anderson

Support Team Sign Up

If you don't want to clean the climb, but do want to help by driving, cooking, constructing base-camp, making coffee, singing songs, etc, you can come along too! The chief campground probably won't be busy with it raining all weekend, so there should be plenty of room. Priority with rides will go to those planning to clean, but other than that, come along for a fun weekend luxury car camping in the beautiful fall rain!

  1. Tim Blair
  2. Elissa Smith (Friday-Saturday)
  3. Bob Lai


Driver Name, No. of seats, location, departure day/time, return day/time

Jeff's van, 5-7 seats, 6th & Maple, leaving Friday evening, returning Sunday evening

  1. Jeff
  2. Matthew
  3. Elissa (going up in the Van, and returning with Tim)
  4. Miriam

Tim's truck, 3-4 seats, leaving Friday evening from Campus, swing by Deep Cove, returning Saturday night (can do pick-ups Sunday night or Monday morning too)

  1. Tim
  2. Madeleine M-P (taking Elissa's place in the van on sunday?!)
  3. Natalie (returning Sat. night)

Steve's 2-by-4, 2-3 seats, leaving Friday evening, returning ?

  1. Steve
  2. Champagne
  3. Natalie (Friday evening.. sweet truck)

Bob's van, lots o' seats, leaving Friday 6ish, returning Sat night or Sunday morning

  1. Bob
  2. Matthew Baker
  3. Christian Sampaleanu
  4. Meghan Anderson

Pete's truck, 4 seats, leaving Friday, back saturday or maybe sunday... depending on motivation to be cold and wet

Evan's Truck, 3 seats, leaving Friday, returning Saturday night/Sunday


Shift Leader Accomplice
Friday arrival - Saturday 3am Natalie Evan
Saturday 3am - 9am Seth Baker
Saturday 9am - 3pm Matthew C Christian S
Saturday 3pm - 9pm Ben Miriam
Saturday 9pm - Sunday 6am Jeff Pete
Sunday 6am - 1pm Andrew Bob
Sunday 1pm - 8pm Steve Meghan
Sunday 8pm - Monday 2am Champagne Madeleine