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The exec potluck is where the mind-meld between new and old exec occurs - basically what allows continuity in a club where the entire membership turns over every 4 years or so...

Date and Location

Gili's place in the Acadia Hi-Rise, near Fairview residence.

Here's the approximate location on Google maps:, and the address is 2725 Melfa Rd, apartment 806, buzz 0806, phone 604-221-1222 (lucky number).

Friday April 16th at 6:30

Can not attend

  1. Doris Leong
  2. Craig

Has not Responded

  1. Sampaleanu Treas
  2. Ignacio Rozada Archivist

For reference

People's names/positions, for the record:

Sticking Around

  1. Veenstra Pres->Trips coordinator Gone April-May and most of July
  2. Piotr Forysinski QM->Climbing wall Here all the time, few weeks in August in Poland
  3. Lisa Pittl QM->VP Mostly around
  4. Jacob Slosberg QM->QM Is around, on UBC Farm
  5. Roland Burton Useful Person->Useful Person is around
  6. Maki Sumitani Membership Chair->Secretary Here June/July
  7. Phil Tomlinson VOCene Editor->President Around except end of August, first week of September
  8. Emily Ackroyd FMCBC Rep->Treasurer Gone all summer
  9. Champagne Random dude we declared exec since he does a lot of work->Same old Going to burning man? Maybe forest fires
  10. Muffin Another guy who loves to help out Gone for May, back for rest. Can weld
  11. Janine Welton Secretary->Secretary Gone
  12. Ignacio Rozada Archivist->Public Relations Around


  1. Doris Leong VP Gone
  2. Sampaleanu Treas Here 1st and last week of May
  3. Craig Tomsett VOCene Editor' Gone
  4. Line Veenstra Trips Coordinator Gone May
  5. Chuck Norris Journal Editor Omnipresent
  6. Lewis Kitchen Public Relations Homeless, roaming
  7. Paul Lanfranchi Climbing Wall Coord Pending employment


  1. Skyler Des Roches Quartermaster Gone after May16th, back some time barely before school, will have email
  2. Caitlin Schneider Quartermaster Gone mid June to mid July
  3. Robyn Hooper Journal Editor Around in May, gonish for the rest hiking in Garibaldi
  4. Emily Payne Membership Chair Gone all summer, here couple weeks end of June, around weekends July and August (potentially)
  5. Gili Rosenberg VOCene editor Mostly around, probably away for a few weeks
  6. Laura Morrison Archivist 'Gone May 25th - August 28-29th
  7. Breanne Johnson FMCBC Rep Here for May, then gone to North Pole (?)
  8. Geoff Martin Special Projects Here, not available during the day (employed)


  • Name - Food
  1. Jacob Slosberg - Potatoes or Bananas (baked in bread form)
  2. Champagne - Apple Pie
  3. Janine - fresh veggies, fresh fruit...probably in salad form
  4. Gili Rosenberg - probably roast beef (I'm feeling festive)
  5. Emily Ackroyd- Fruit crumble (unless there aren't enough dinner items)
  6. Caitlin - Broccoli salad
  7. Breanne - Corn bread
  8. Lisa - Pizza (probably tuna and veggies)
  9. Roland something to do with chicken
  10. Skyler - Coffee and cigarettes (probably vegetarian pasta)
  11. Emily Payne - Something yammy
  12. Maki - green pea rice
  13. Veenstra - corn
  14. Phil - something with lots of veggies
  15. Laura - Macaroni and cheese
  16. Muffin - I can't believe nobody else has chosen perogies... mine will be bacon wrapped!
  17. Ignacio - mind-blowin' chicken coconut rice
  18. Robyn - "one cup of everything" cookies - baked fresh on the spot! (There's an oven right?)


Summer BBQ

  • Piotr will spearhead the building of a BBQ trailer contraption, and make sure there is one for the first Wednesday of May, and subsequent months.
  • He can spend $200
  • First Wednesday of the month (bringing the BBQ, sending announcements out, etc).

Mountaineering Camp

  • Labour Day
  • Pick a location, advertise, people should know what they're doing already (not instructional)
  • Jacob will organize it, or find a replacement. Jacob makes sure it happens.


  • Lisa is doing it (organizing)
  • Won't be at Evan's Lake
  • Craig Alfredson's sister's monkey's brother's uncle once removed has property near Check?
  • Callahan?
  • Robyn's friend near Pemberton?
  • Will have an update for April 22nd meeting.
  • Is in 1st week of October, ideally October 2-3rd

Costs to estimate

  • Space
  • Liquor licence
  • DJ (plus generator and equipment)
  • Giant Tents
  • Portapotties
  • Beer (actually break even/generate)

Last year it worked out to $50 per person

Glacier School

  • Veenstra will do it on the 18th-19th of September


  • Be ready for Clubsdays (generally Membership Chair takes care of the logistics, see also "Mission Critical" section for role of president)
  • Veenstra will organize the intro night on the 27th of September

Run the treasury

  • Sampaleanu in May
  • Veenstra can do it, then Roland/Geoff can be the muscle

Room bookings over summer

  • Ignacio
  • Piotr
  • Phil will fill out the paperwork

Checking the club's mail

  • Caitlin is stoked about it

Checking the club's email

Communicate with the FMCBC

  • Will ask Webster

Run Gear Hours

  • Line will update the piece of paper outside the clubroom
  • Jacob will do Wednesdays
  • Caitlin will do Thursdays
  • Skyler will work on fixing gear (write the shoe size on the shoe, in silver sharpie)

Hut maintenance

  • Emily will see about making sure somebody finds out about Lizzie at the next FMCBC Rec+Con
  • Geoff will do a recy on Brew
  • Artem will send Geoff the grant application right away
  • Reno trips for Brew will be second week of June and last week of June
  • Lizzy in July/August by Geoff
  • Brushing the road up to Lizzy Steve will do it

September Trips

  • Labour Day = mountaineering Camp (Jacob)
  • 11-12nd Steve/Piotr's scrambling trip
  • Glacier School is 18-19th (Veenstra)
  • 25-26th Phil's intro sufferfest
  • October 9-10-11th Geoff's Alpha tantalus trip
  • October 16th-17th Robyn and Jacob's leave no trace / plants
  • October 16th-17th Gili/Caitlin's indian arm trip

Meetings during the summer

  • We will try to meet once per month
  • On campus, once a month, Third Thursday of the month at 12:30, in the clubroom. First one April 22nd.
  • You can drink beer, as long as they stay productive.

Ideas for September

  • More dayhikes
  • More self propelled beginner trips (?!?!?)
  • Having a brochure actually ready this time, which says when the intro night is.