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Archivist: Chris Michalak


The club has extensive archives of it's history dating back to at least the 1940s. These archives include picture albums, films, audio cassetes, and many logbooks and reports.

In November-December 2003 a complete list of archives available in the cabinets was compiled by Greg Myers from the school of library sciences. Archives outside of the cabinet have not been itemized.


The club owns a few hundred books and journals of all types. Some with historical value, including a mostly complete collection of early Canadian Alpine Journals. There are also a number of useful guidebooks.

Currently, there is little to no organization of the library and the lending policy is ill-defined. A project began in 2003 to catalogue the collection but no useful product of this has yet arisen.

Additional Duties

VOC Journal

It is not clear where the role of the archivist ends and that of some of the other execs begins. The VOC Journal needs to be sent to a number of places each year. Details can be found on the VOCJ exchange page.


The VOC constitution does not assign the task of maintaining the VOC website to any exec members. However, this task appears to be related to the Archivist's position and may be officially assigned to her/him in the future.