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FMCBC / ACC Representative: Natalie Stafl

This year has had a significant focus on land-use issues, particularly regarding the designation of Phelix creek. My term started last April with my first real involvement starting in June with the FMCBC AGM in Nelson. I connected a few names to faces, was elected member of the board and have been attending monthly Rec and Con meetings and telephone Board meetings ever since. The history and background to the whole Phelix issue can be found elsewhere on the wiki so I won't repeat it here, but thus far it has been a pretty lengthy process of club involvement initiating a petition, letter writing campaign and joint meetings with members of the motorized community and government appointed mediator. Other issues that came up over the past year included: Dealing with Heli-ski tenure applications for Mt. Waddington (negotiating and defining a no-fly zone) Negotiating Tyler Freed's (from Coast Range Heli-ski) tenure application and avoidance protocol Addressing the Garibaldi at Squamish resort application Addressing the four season resort application for Falls lake Discussing/ adjusting Don Swartz's application to temporally and physically expand the Powder Mtn Cat-ski tenure Throughout the process I wrote to many Premiers, got a better understanding about how government operates and cajoled/ coerced as many other people to write letters as I possiby could. I look forward to continue being actively involved in land use issues in the year to come.