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FMCBC ACC Representative: Scott Webster

From the VOC's perspective the job of this exec is basically to deal with other outdoor/mountaineering clubs. Primarily this occurs through the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia (FMCBC). You will sit on the FMCBC's Southwest BC Recreation and Conservation committee (rec and con). From the FMCBC's perspective, you will be the "director" that represents the VOC on the FMCBC Board of Directors. The rec and con thing is more important from the VOC's perspective and the Directorship is more important (at least in an official way) from the FMCBC's perspective. You may also talk to other clubs more directly, in particular the ACC-Vancouver section, who we have an agreement to share some resources with (and get free ACC memberships for student VOCers).

The recreation and conservation committee meets monthly in Vancouver and discusses, you guessed it, issues regarding recreation in, and conservation of the mountains of BC. Generally things are focussed around southwest BC (but not Vancouver Island), but sometimes we talk about further-away places too. Generally the group brings information about current issues to the meetings, discusses things and decides what to do. Often letters are written. A big part of your job is to report back to the VOC on issues that concern the club. Once you find out what the club thinks you can represent the clubs interests on the committee. I am personally interested in a lot of the issues beyond just how they affect the VOC, so contributed to other things as well, which is a good idea I think, but you could also really focus on VOC-related stuff if you wanted.

The "issues" I've mentioned have recently had a lot to do with conflicts between motorized and non-motorized recreationists. Regardless of how valid you think motorized recreation is, there is a conflict between the two groups and the non-motorized people generally lose out for various reasons. The VOC's activities are non-motorized and you'll basically be expected to advocate for these activities on the committee.

The FMCBC Director position is _a bit_ more of a formality, but you do need to contribute to important money and staffing related decisions, and also "important" decisions on what the official FMCBC position will be on various mountain-related subjects. Each club gets a director and a vote and you will cast the vote for the VOC. Ideally you'd confirm with the exec before major votes but sometimes you'll probably just have to say what you think is best. The board meets a few times a year by teleconference and also at the annual general meeting, which, I believe, will be on Vancouver Island somewhere in summer 2010.

The VOC has played a significant role in the history of mountaineering (etc.) in BC and being active in the FMCBC is one way to continue this tradition. Our Brian Waddington Memorial Hut had a key role in recent negotiations over land-use planning in the Sea-to-Sky region and we made a large contribution to the discussion. It's important to be a strong voice for the VOC and to not allow yourself to be ignored because you are younger than many of the other representatives who have likely been around a lot longer. The VOC makes up a substantial fraction of the FMCBC membership. The FMCBC is currently reviewing its fee structure and will hopefully be re-focusing and modernizing its efforts. The "youthfulness" of the VOC can likely help reinvigorate the organization and maintain a strong voice for non-motorized recreation in BC.