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Membership Chair: Michael Fuller

So you want to be a membership chair, eh? You think you're tough enough for this job?! Well let me tell you a thing or two! This job is pretty sweet. You work your butt off before any school work hits you, and you've done the bulk of your duties before your first midterm or paper! Great for engineers. Here's a guide to being the Membership Chair.

Contacts / Membership God
- the "[email protected]" email address was coordinated by Roland and messages concerning membership requests/questions were directed my way. These emails were typically of the "What do you do", "How do I join" or "May I join" nature. The first two are areas you should already be comfortable answering, but the last question is a toughie if the student is not associated with UBC in any way:
- my exceptions were (a) if the person was really good friends with an active member of the club and would provide experience and enthusiasm to the club. (b) if the person would be willing to drive for trips, because so many trips badly require drivers and its unfair for non-students to occupy car seats when student-members are sitting at home.
- You have the ultimate power to interpret / bend rules as you please, because you are the God of membership. Just try to be consistent and fair. Especially for cute females.

Flyers: make sure you have nice handouts photocopied before the year even begins. See "events" for why. Keep lots of copies around, but remember that 90% of all the handouts will be taken by mid October. You can use the Oker version from years past or if you're a gifted graphic artist make your own. If you aren't sure that you're a gifted graphical artist, then use Okers because he is. Kept in desk drawer on left. Original file with me and Oker.
Membership Forms: update the membership expiry date. Keep lots of photocopies made of these forms, you'll use over 400 by mid October. I left a copy card in the money box that I would add petty-cash to when needed. The treasurer didn't like this, but its really convenient for us. Kept in desk drawer on left. Original file with me.
Membership cards: issued to new members, but not useful for anything besides using as wall-access passes (if wall membership paid for, and card is signed to prove it). Kept in desk drawer on left. Original file on CD in drawer - just take back to Staples to make extra cards up (having CD already made before saves us money on next batch).
Club Listings: Whenever the AMS requests somebody write a blurb about the club, do it. They typically want one for their "AMS insider" magazine. I have last years blurb if you want it.
Membereship Forms: the AMS wants us to keep 2 years of membership forms on file. Kept in a binder in desk drawer on right. Stay organized - those binders have 3 rings in them for a reason.

- first duty was running a small booth at the "Main Event Carnival" on the first day of school. The AMS invited us to come as we are the oldest biggest and best club UBC has ever seen. Recruiting members was not allowed, but sending them to our clubroom to sign up with another exec member was a stealthy solution to their 'rules'.
- Clubs Days!: This is what you've been preparing for your entire life. Speak to the AMS early about priority location - we are a special club and don't have to enter the lottery for booth locations like the rest of the fluff. We like our booth on the south side outside the SUB in doorwell. Be extra nice to execs and past members, so they'll help man the table during the 3 day event. Remember it counts as a workhike, and its a lot easier than actually hiking. Bring lots of eye-catching gear, journals, photos, and other goodies to attract the masses. Longhike is the big seller and motivates people to sign up for the club. You need at least two people at this table, and up to 5 during peak hours. Signing up members, issuing membership cards, signing up longhikers, issuing longhiker tickets, handing out flyers (see why you needed so many now?) and answering questions takes a lot of manpower.
- May I suggest you enter each day's new members into the system EACH DAY. Nothing makes a better impression on the club than getting that wonderful membership email promptly. Nothing is more daunting than going through a stack of 400 membership forms all at once. Remember this is what you're born to do, so get those forms entered and off your plate. DO NOT LOSE FORMS BEFORE THEY'RE ENTERED. If you're going to lose new members' forms, just quit the exec right now. A few other execs have Admin privs to help you enter forms. Ask them politely for help if needed.

The fact that you've read all this advice gives me high hopes for you, young grasshopper.