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Membership Chair: Megan Anderson (April - December), Christian Champagne (January - March)

Here is what to do:

September: Your main concern is Clubs Days where the clubs on campus are given a chance to put up a booth of their club. First though will be the Main Carnival event which is just one day where clubs give out information on their club but were not allowed to recruit. You can prepare for Clubs Days and Main Carnival Event by thinking of ways to creatively recruit members, revising the VOC hand book and membership before and printing off copies of these. Last year Jeff M. had a large poster printed out, you can use this and other things to promote the club. Clubs Day lasts for two days during which you try to recruit as many members as possible. It is important that you secure our spot beside the doors at the entrance to the SUB for us. Position in this case is really everything. If you get a shitty spot simply politely remind AMS that you are from the VOC and the VOC has always been there. You will also have the job of organizing all the volunteers that will help you out! You can get others to help you out, just create a wiki page for it and post a sign up sheets with times. Main Carnival event and Clubs day will count as workhike. Clubs Days is very important for the survival of the club, we depend on a large member base and it is also where we get all the money for our budget from! It should be noted that people can join the VOC at anytime of the year though, they don't need to just join on clubs days. Once Clubs Day is over you will have to enter in all the forms I suggest you clear your agenda and do this right away. People will be eager to have their password and be able to access the VOC website. Make sure you don't loose any forms! We hang on to these forms for two years so you can through out the ones older than 2 years in the box and put the new ones in the binder. Rest of the year: You have to run two trips and continue to make sure people can join the club but the main part of your job comes in September. You could also make sure that there are lots of beginner friendly event organized to encourage all the new members you recruit to get out and have fun!

Membership prices:
We started to apply the change in price this year for non students so the membership costs $35 for students and $52.50 for non students, and it is free for alumni. Alumni means that they are basically not paying AMS fees anymore. Once a person receives alumni status they can automatically update their membership every year. Alumni have special membership forms for this reason- it simply has no expiry date. Save these and put them in a special section in the folder so that we NEVER throw them out.

Documents: There are some important documents you will need. I will send you these.

Contact for the VOC: People contact the VOC through a general e-mail [email protected], this is now answered by the secretary but I suggest that you proposed that you answer it because most of the e-mails will really be for you. You will have to spend a lot of time answering e-mails concerning membership. Also last year I posted a sign outside the door to notify people who to contact if they wanted to join the club. You will need to change this sign and put you e-mail address down.

If I have forgotten anything feel free to contact me or ask others on the exec. Just remember to smile and be friendly and outgoing for all the new members. Have fun!