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Trips Coordinator: Matthew Baker - [email protected]

Glacier School

Went well, however I have a few suggestions for next year:

  • Ensure basic minimum of skills and experience from participants. This is not a beginner trip which means people should be familiar with wilderness camping, and basic climbing technique. Longhike is coming up for those who want a beginner climbing trip.
  • Keep numbers to max. 50 to minimize environmental impact and for reasonable logistics. Consider splitting a large group into two areas to minimize the environmental footprint and wilderness disturbance for other users and wildlife.
  • Perhaps a reminder Environmental Impact Speech for Dry School since this event takes place in the fragile alpine. eg. Feces disposal, water sources, fragile alpine ecosystems

Useful link for minimal impact wilderness travel:

  • Perhaps consider digging a group latrine next year. This year at Annniversary glacier we had over 50 people doing their business who knows where. My fault for not thinking that one through.
  • Advise people, if staying at the Anniversary Glacier, that there is an outhouse 600m away at the hut. Perhaps camp closer to the hut (feasible?)
  • The Anniversary glacier comes down fairly far in the middle. This year this fact was discovered at the end.

My suggestion: I think it would be useful to organize a crevasse rescue dry school. It would involve briefly setting up rope teams, tieing into the middle of a rope and basic pulley set up. Just an idea, I realize its an extra logistic element.

Tele School

I believe the trips coordinator usually coordinates Winter Long Hike however I think I ended up trading with someone for tele school. Anyway, teleschool went well, that is to say, I believe people skiied and it was fun.

Here’s some suggestions for next year:

  • Ensure everyone meets in the same place.
  • Arrange lunch time
  • Arrange après ski social
  • Organize tickets in advance:

Here’s an idea for next year: Buy 25 tickets, enough for 5 instructors and 20 students (ie. 4 students per instructor) in advance. Sell off 20 spots in advance (students pay for instructor tickets). Extra tickets could be sold off to club members later, or a second informal teleschool could be held with the extra tickets. If there are more instructors and students than more tickets could be bought on the day of, albeit a little more expensive.


This year the club under Kaja’s direction took the iniative as a group to plan a good deal of beginner activities. Eg. Winter Longhike, Teleschool, Avalanche course and Intro to Backcountry. I was pretty crunched for time this year so I didn’t do much organizing beyond these activities and a few weekends with beginner types.