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Useful Person: Roland Burton (again)

The purpose of the exec reports is to warn incoming Exec Members of problems and pitfalls to be avoided, because the Club is very Phoenix-like, and tends to replace itself every couple of years, so it does not have a very good memory.

The position of Useful Person does not have any assigned tasks, so problems and pitfalls for the non-assigned tasks, are non-existant. The Useful Person picks his/her own projects. This past year I have been concentrating on two tasks.

One task is trying to make sure that prospective Members are welcome to the Club, and that they are given an opportunity to join in a fairly professional manner. Of course I have had lots of competition from Champagne, Piotr, and others. Pretty well any Member can tell others why they might want to join, and can provide such details as the cost of membership, and where to get a form, and when there will be somebody around to collect their fees. If I enable somebody to join who wants to, and otherwise wouldn't, I am happy, and the Club and the prospective Member, all benefit.

The other task is taking people on easy trips, both skiing and hiking. I would prefer that the Club provide a little guidance to enable Members to do things that they would like to do, but might not otherwise attempt. It's nice to get into new territory, but I usually end up at Red Heather.