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Vice-President: Natalie Stafl

Note: this information will hopefully make certain processes easier for you instead being constantly surprised at extra pieces of paperwork you were supposed to do yesterday or a week ago. Not to say this guarantees that won’t happen but at least this way you have a head’s up for what you need to get together. Good luck!

End of Year Banquet 2009

Typically held second to last week of school (early April)

  • Decide on date/ location/ budget
  • Book it! Get a contract and give it to the AMS to sign. (You are not supposed to sign it for legal reasons: this must be done in advance)
  • Post on wiki
  • Four weeks in advance: (if you want beer get SOL from liquor store)

………If on campus get signed by RCMP
……… If off campus bring SOL form to AMS offices and get insurance (this must be done at least three weeks in advance of the event and will cost about $270-350 depending on how much beer and people will be present)

  • Post a call-out for award nominations and goon awards.
  • Find speaker/ slide show presenter
  • Find DJ (Arlin, Oker) Fees are usually about $150.
  • Get SOCAN (music license) if applicable usually $40-60
  • Find MC
  • Set agenda
  • Post on message board, VOCene
  • Sort out which execs are bringing what food.
  • Decide who gets which awards: pick up $25 gift certificate for most active new member
  • Post work hike for beer servers and t-shirt sellers (must have serving it right license)
  • Make sure slides for the budget, constitutional changes, and photo contest are ready to go

Details to take care of
Paper, tape and crayons for tables (doodling)
Extra cups for people who forget their own
Thank you gift for presenter

Day of the event

Print off order of events for the MC
Pick up beer/ pump/ buckets/ ice etc
Transport slide projector
Find someone with a vehicle to transport speakers, awards, journals, etc.
Have the budget guy/gal get a float from the AMS for beer, t-shirts etc.
Set up a table to sell t-shirts, stickers and journals for non-members.
Remind people to bring their own cups. (Bring extra anyways and charge $1 for them)


  • Contact Evans lake: Get invoice sent to AMS, pay deposit.
    Get contract signed by AMS and faxed back to Evan’s Lake
  • Post a call-out for instructors: have them contact you so there is some quality control over who can instruct.
  • Get SOL form from liquor store (someone with a serving it right certification must do this)
  • Fax to RCMP in Squamish to sign and then purchase it from liquor store.
  • Give it to the AMS and get insurance (this is expensive and must be done at least 3 weeks in advance of the event!)
  • Reserve Arlin for DJ’ ing ($150)
  • Order kegs/ pump/ tap/ ice etc from Howe Sound Brewing Company
  • Sell tickets starting at clubs days (set the last day to get tickets before the pre-trip meeting)

Make sure people sign up with their name, climbing level, food preference (veg/ omnivore) and student number. Make sure that everyone knows that the pre-trip meeting is Mandatory!

  • Put out a call for volunteers (workhike!) and make a wiki page with different tasks to help out with (serving beer, cleaning up after dinner, breakfast)
  • Instructors meeting
  • Pair up instructors
  • Review safety committee’s notes. (Mandatory helmets!)

Figure out how many instructors are needed at each level
Decide general areas (Neat and Cool, Burgers and Fries, etc.) for instructors
Instructors are in charge of their students and should make sure they all get to Evan’s lake

  • General Meeting

Go over schedule, what people need to bring, safety issues
Organize rides
Choose a time to meet in the Squamish parking lot in the morning and after climbing (generally staggered by level to avoid overwhelming the mess hall)
Bring printed maps to Evans lake for drivers unfamiliar with the area

Details to take care of

  • Ticket templates are on the exec section of the website
  • Get candy necklaces (early! Rumors they can be found at cost-co otherwise dollar stores and candy shops, places often run out)
  • Write down a list of drivers so you know if anyone’s missing
  • Tell people to bring their own cups for beer (Bring extra anyways and charge $1 for them)
  • Make sure budget person gets float $$ from the AMS for beer

Day of Event

  • Find someone with a car to pick up kegs (don’t pay with debit, it is nearly impossible to get a refund for unopened kegs on a debit card. Not worth the trouble)
  • At the designated time proceed with the parking lot faff and then gather instructors and divide students by level in more or less even groups.
  • Re-iterate the time to meet back up at the cars and that instructors are in charge of making sure their students arrive at Evan’s lake.

VOCO Trip at Phelix

  • Contact VOCO; choose a date collaboratively and make sure they can make it.
  • Hold a pre-trip meeting and sort out rides.
  • Double check that they can make it!
  • Potluck Saturday night
  • Encourage musical instruments
  • Ask hut guy/ gal if any work needs to be done at the hut