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Date: June 15th(evening) - 17th, 2007

Bad news. The trip is cancelled due to lack of interest

Good news: I just read in the paper that the BC Government is allowing people to fish this weekend without a licence. This is in order to promote more anglers.... So don't worry about your fishing licence for this weekend

Double good news, I was just digging through my old files and I found the topo for Roche lake, look down to see

Why go to Skaha pay 10$ for parking and 10$ for camping when you can come to Kamloops and do all that for Free. Do you like climbing and fishing and want to explore some of those smaller crags?

Here is what I propose. We go on a climbing/fishing trip. As you may know, Meghan and I have been living in Kamloops for the last 3.5 months. As soon as climbing season started, we began to explore the local crags. This involves talking to locals, getting photocopies from the local stores and exploring logging roads. Our efforts have been fruitful.

I am also an avid fisherman, so after a long, hot day of pulling rock, we can head to a lake, jump in, then cast a line. Maybe we can even catch dinner. I have a good idea of which lakes are good to fish from talking to locals (Meg’s Dad). I also have good maps of the back-roads in the area which I will post.

The Climbs

The Beach Topo
Roche Lake Page 1
Roche Lake Page 2
Roche lake Page 3
Roche Lake Page 4

There are 2 crags near Kamloops that I have in mind, The Beach and Roche Lake. They are both beginner friendly and top-rope friendly.

Roche Lake: Located about 25 min South of Kamloops. The crag has about 30 climbs rating from 5.8-5.11. All 5 of the 5.8 climbs are right next to each other and can have top-ropes set up on them. These are high quality sport climbs about 25m high, there is even a sweet overhand section.

- We will climb at Roche Lake for the first day. So you can just walk there from Friday night's camp (30 Second walk)

The Beach: Located near a rest stop 20 min West of Kamloops, (if you get to Savona, you are about 10 min too far). Behind a large display, follow the path, over the hill, down and right. From the crag and the rest stop,you can see a wonderful view of Kamloops lake. Climbs rate from 5.4 – 5.11, about 30 climbs, all sport.

- On Sunday morning, We will head up to The Beach, then after, you can drive home.

Directions around Kamloops area


Although this is a beginner friendly trip, I only say this because there are many top roping opportunities and easy climbs. I know how hard it is to get started when everybody is climbing hard stuff. I am willing to help with setting up anchors etc., but if you expect to be babysat all weekend then don't come on the trip.

As well you should be bringing your own gear. NOBODY IS GOING TO LEND YOU THEIR ROPE OR GEAR.


-From Vancouver, head East on the #1 towards Hope, 12th Ave is a good road to use to get to the highway.

-Once you get to Hope, you have two choices: Take the #5 Coquihalla($10 toll but way faster) or the #3 (There will be big signs telling you where to go). The # 3 has a nicer view but takes way longer, plus you will be driving at night.

-Both routes should bring you through Merritt. Take the #5 Coquihalla for the last stretch to Kamloops.

-Once you get to Kamloops there will be an exit to get onto the 5a (old Merritt highway)(Same exit as the Aberdeen Mall), take this exit and turn right as soon as you get to the end of the off ramp.

-Now you are on the 5a (old Merrit Highway)

(You will need to download and print these maps, as well as this page, to find your way around. Click on them to get a better picture, and right click on them and choose, "save as", then print them.)

Details of the area around the campsite

- Follow it past a couple of lakes until you see a sign on your left indicating Roche Lake.

- Turn left onto the dirt road, this is a nice fast road.

- Drive for about 20 min down this road until you get to your first MAJOR left turn, take the left. The road will start to get bumpy here so drive slow. If you go too far and miss the left-turn, don't worry, you will simply arrive at the Roche Lake fishing resort. Turn around and try again.

- After turning left, drive until you see a fork.

- Take the left fork. Now the road gets really crappy.

- Drive until you get to the end of the road and you have found the campsite.

- Please have the map on you.


Food and supplies should be bought in Kamloops, there is everything there from a Walmart to a Super store, and they are all right off of the #5 Coquihalla.

The campsite is right next to the Roche Lake climbing area. There is no water source, but there is lots of room and a nice place for a fire. It is right at the end of the road, on the road.


Vehicle: A truck is the best, 4x4 is a bonus (We all know that Breaky will hit the four wheel drive as soon as he sees gravel). My truck, Thumperedda, is only 4x2 (basically a glorified small car) As long as your vehicle doesn’t mind some bumpy roads you should be okay. Always have a full sized spare tire handy in case of a flat.

Maps: I will try to post all necessary maps on the wiki which you can print, these are about 5 years out of date. I suggest buying a, “backroads mapbook” which can be found at any outdoors store or Canadian Tire.

Floatation device: Fishing is a lot more successful if you are floating for a few reasons. 1) You won’t snag your lures and line on branches, weeds, submerged trees and rocks. 2) You can move around the lake easily. Most of these lakes do not have nice paths going around them. We will be using a canoe, other things that work include: kayaks, blow-up dingies, tubes, and life jackets……No powered vehicles.

Freshwater Fishing License: (don't worry this weekend you don't need one) This is mandatory if you will be catching fish. If you catch a fish without a license you can get a fine and possibly charged with poaching. The money from these licenses go towards lake improvement projects and the restocking of lakes with fish. A year long license is approx $30 at any sporting good store, including Walmart, MEC and 3 Vets (Behind the Cambie Canadian Tire). You can also get day licenses but they are not worth it.

Rods and Bait: The best place to go for a cheap rod is at Walmart, 3 Vets or Canadian Tire. You can get a rod and reel for about $20. Mine has lasted 4 years now. Bait and lures can be bought in a kit for about $5-10 (I can teach people how to set them up). -I suggest some silver and bronze spinners as well as a small buzzbomber. Weights bobbers and worms work well too. -The two techniques that you can use are: Trolling: dragging your line slowly through the water or Casting: launching your lure then dragging it back.

Net: Bring a net to get the fish into the boat.

Knife: To gut the fish.

Club: To kill the fish. Coincidently, I use the same "club" that I use to lock my truck's steering wheel.

Sign Up

Please mention your disponibility and climbing gear you will be bringing.

  1. Stephen Lerch(Sorry we won't be sharing gear)
  2. Meghan Trepanier


If you have space in your car, please post the spots. Passengers pay for gas.

Note: Passengers, contact your drivers a few days in advance to determine meeting locations/times. Contact info can be found on Member List. The onus is not on drivers to track down all their passengers.

  • Stephen Lerch (2)
    • Me
    • Meghan

Carless People

  • For people whom don't have a ride.

Note: Please add email or phone number and gear beside your name

  1. Remco de Grave
  2. Nick Rawluk: rawluk at mcmaster dot ca / whatever I can borrow ;-)
  3. Meghan Anderson, coming from Kamloops, may or may not need a ride, may or may have a rope