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We discussed several locations for G1, but once again settled on Anniversary Glacier. Baker would have been a better choice but border problems would stop some of our Members, and we are limited to 12 people on the Coleman Glacier side. G2 climbed Baker, and they were happy with that.

The weather was terrible Saturday, but nice and sunny on Sunday. If we could hold it a week earlier, we might get better weather, at least statistically. The Flavelles were doing their firewood/hut reno on our weekend so we didn't use their Hut at all, so our $200 payment to them was perhaps over-generous.

Because it was a low snow year there was no soft snow to practice ice axe arrests. The crevasses were fine for crevasse rescue trials.


In 2009, the Veenstras totally revised the handout which we supply to students of G1. Unfortunately it runs to 18 pages and needs a color printer to adequately show the knots. This document is excellent and should perhaps be printed and sold to participants rather than having them print their own, because lots of people don't have color printers or they are lazy or they want to save money. You can find it at Info Booklet


Prussics were sold at $5 each to those who wanted them. We bought 30 with staff discount at MEC, and we sold 23, so we lost a little money and gained a few prussics. We need to charge more if we don't get the staff discount.

Glacier 1 students were charged $10 each, or $300 total. This went $70 for 8 liters of cheap red wine, $200 donation to the Flavelle Hut, $15 for spices and sugar, and $15 profit to the Club. We survived on 4 liters of wine, chiefly because it's hard to find people to carry it. Glacier 2 students were not charged anything.

Gear List

See Info Booklet.