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Glacier School Review and Summit

One step at a time to approach the freedom of the hills


Continued from previous message board threads : Here and here

The following details are to be discussed with instructors / group leaders.

  • Location:
    • Joffre Groups (Where glacier school was held)
  • Activity:
    • Practice crevasse rescue, glacier route finding. avalanche prevention / rescue
  • Schedule:
    • Sat, Hands on practice.
    • Sun, Long summit for 3-dayer; Short summit for 2 dayer
    • Mon, Short trip. Head out in the afternoon.
  • Calling for instructors ;-) and enthusiastic snow campers.
  • Resources
  • Extra
    • Kerosene Fireball (something C.Champagne and P.Hudson got me started at Arlin's Halloween Party)

Date Time

November 10th - 12th, 2007 (Remembrance Day Weekend)

Pre Trip Meeting

November 7th

Sign up - Roped Group I

  1. Ran Z [3 day or 'til bone freezes over]
  2. Liam Harrap0--- 3 dayer!!!!!
  3. Jake Alleyne- I'd prefer a two day trip
  4. Nikolina Ilic - 2 days sounds good to me
  5. Itay

Sign up - Roped Group II

  1. Jen Moore (2-day)
  2. Emma Vardy-Bragg (3 dayer woot!)
  3. Bryce Lencoe - there was talk about a 2 day trip. i think i would prefer 2 days if possible but dont have a problem doing 3.
  4. Rachael Bagnall- I'ld prefer a 2-day trip too
  5. Colin Pither (2-day)

Sign up - Roped Group III

  1. Jason Bedard - would prefer 3 days. I would love to bring my skis, if theres snow (doesn't have to make sense)
  2. Ben Singleton-Polster (possibly there may not even be rope teams since people may just be wallowing in snow)


Some of the gears are sharable, some are personal.


  1. Warm / water proof cloths for snow camping / glacier travelling
  2. Warm water proof boots
  3. Gaiters
  4. Hut booties
  5. Glacier sunglasses
  6. sun screen
  7. water proof gloves


  1. Mountaineering Ax
  2. Mountaineering crampons
  3. Harness
  4. Helmet
  5. waist prussik cord (5mm x 80cm)
  6. leg prusik cord (5mm x 120cm)
  7. cordlette (6mm x 300cm)
  8. slings and runners (the more the better)
  9. locking biner (x2)
  10. non locking biners (more the better)
  11. pickets
  12. Show shovels
  13. avalanche beacons
  14. flags on bamboo sticks for marking (cant recall the name at the moment) = wands


  1. No Tent Needed, we are staying the a hut.
  2. Sleeping bag (hut has a wood stove)
  3. Sleeping pad, prevent losing heat to the ground.
  4. Ear plugs


  1. Stove, pots and pans (to share)
  2. Fuel
  3. lunches and dinners
  4. water and purification pills / filters


If you have space in your car, please post the spots. Passengers pay for gas. If you have a rope and/or glacier equipment, please indicate so that we can try and even out people with gear into cars with less gear (see below).

Driving direction please refer to that of Glacier school

  • Name (X spots) [gear] {Time of Departure from Vancouver - Time of Departure from Camp}

Liam, 3 spots, surrey (778-847-5077)

  1. Emma VB
  2. Nikolina Ilic

[2 Day, Sat, Sun] Jake, 3 spots, from Surrey

  1. Bryce Lencoe - Broadway and Granville 6:30am - 778 846 7873
  2. Rachael Bagnall

[3 Day] Itay, 4 spots, 20th and McD [604.782.4008]

  1. Ran Z
  2. Ben Singleton-Polster

[3 day] Jason, SE Vancouver (can go to UBC if needed) [email me - see the members list]

  1. Piotr

Carless People