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Come help put up trail markers along the ski trail that goes from Whistler Olympic Park nordic center to Hanging Lake. This will be a 2 day trip, camping out near Hanging Lake. There's about 2.5km of trail to mark and a few signs to put up. The route up to Hanging Lake is steep, with sustained slopes up to 35 degrees in the trees, so this trip is for stronger skiers and snowboarders only. If we hurry and manage to finish on Saturday, we can spend Sunday skiing on Rainbow Mountain or around Rainbow and Hanging Lakes.


March 27, 2010.

Pre trip meeting

Mandatory pre trip meeting Tuesday March 23rd, VOC Clubroom at 7pm. We will discuss how to set trail markers well and organize teams and tools. In the mean time, if you have any questions please post them on the talk page.

Sign up

No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 27-3-2010. Please do not sign up for it.

Please indicate if you have a car and how many people it can take, including skis and overnight packs. Passengers will be arranged a few days before the trip based on where everyone lives. No group size limit, but the first 3 vehicles signed up get their gas money paid for ($30).

Saturday only:

  1. Scott Nelson (organizer) - have car (5)
  2. Sandra Nicol
  3. Maria M - have car! (4+me)
  4. Anna Szeitz - snowshoeing, no car
  5. Jean-François Caron - no car, no tent, strong legs
  6. Skyler Des Roches - needing a ride
  7. Ben Singleton-Polester
  8. Chris Michalak


  • Hammers
    • Scott and Sandra (2)
    • Jean Francois
    • Skyler (2)
    • Ben Singleton-Polster (multiple sizes to fit every problem) c/w sexy leather tool belt
    • Chris
  • Pruning saws or bow saws
    • Sandra
    • Jean-Francois
    • Skyler (2)
    • Ben Singleton-Polster (if I can find it)
  • Pruners
    • Scott


Maria's Car

  1. Maria
  2. Skyler (18th/main)
  3. Anna (10th / Burrard)

Scott and Sandra's Car

  1. Scott
  2. Sandra
  3. Jean-Francois (Dunbar / 41st)
  4. Ben (13th / Macdonald)
  5. Chris (Dunbar / 14th)