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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.

What? When? How?

The VOC will be going ice climbing on the first weekend of March 3 - 4, 2007. The destination will most likely be the Rambles near Lillooet, but we may decide to go elsewhare based on conditions.

The idea is to give people who want to try ice-climbing the opportunity to do so, and people who do occasionally ice-climb an excuse to move their ***es and actually go climbing. This will obviously also involve getting people who ice-climb all the time to come along. We'll see who signs up and then try and organise everyone into small groups with up to two beginners per (experienced) leader. The goal would be for everyone to climb a few easyish routes, but for real, seconding after a leader. We could do a bit of top-roping somewhere as well just to increase everyone's mileage on ice. To make this safe and sensible, we'll require all 'beginners' to have a certain level of experience with climbing and ropes, more on this later.

We'd drive up on friday night (or really early on saturday) and camp close to the climbs so that we get two full days of climbing in - there also is a motel in Lillooet where climbers often stay if somebody fancies that.

When you sign up, please include your 'ability':


1. climb indoors, can belay

2. climb rock outdoors, can lead belay

3. climb rock outdoors, can lead

4. have seconded/top-roped ice

5. have lead on ice, don't want to 'instruct'

6. have lead on ice, happy to 'instruct'

If you're a '1', you'll have to convince me that you really really want to go on this trip. If you're a '2' or above, this trip will welcome you with its arms wide open.

Everyone will be responsible for arranging their own gear, but I will do my best to facilitate this process. This introduces category '7':

7. have all the gear but don't want to/can't come

in which case we might very very politely ask if you could let us borrow your gear for the weekend...


a. pair of ice tools (ice-climbing ice-axes)

b. pair of crampons

c. mountaineering boots

d. harness + helmet

e. lots of warm clothes, lots of pairs of gloves

f. everything else you would bring for a weekend of winter camping

The VOC has harnesses and helmets, and some crampons which may be suitable, there also are 3 pairs of mountaineering boots. The tools will be in shortest supply.

Pre-trip Meeting

We will have a pre-trip meeting, which will be on thursday the 1st of March, at 5:30pm in the clubroom (This is the NEW TIME)


Please sign up below, including your ability and any other information which may be relevant: (how about <ability> <tent|stove|ice climbing gear situation - ropes+screws+rack>?)

  1. Piotr Forysinski <6> <2man4season | propane stove+pots | 2*60m half-ropes, 8 mine+7 Scott's screws, +full summer rack>
  2. Edward Estabrook <6>
  3. Christian Champagne <2/3> <2-person 4-season tent | Pots + stove>
  4. Andrew Silversides <3> <lacking in tools>
  5. Fletcher Stevens <1>
  6. Pawel Mirski <1> <No ice climbing tools yet | 3/4person tent | pots+stove | 10.5mil non dry sheath 60meter rope (is this useful?) | biiiners>
  7. Rick Havlak <4> <none|whisperlite+tiny pot|1 screw no tools>

If you have access to more tools/crampons/boots/ropes/screws/biners/slings than you want to bring yourself pls pls pls say so!!


Rick's car, 630pm Broadway x Macdonald @ gas station

  1. Rick
  2. Christian Champagne
  3. Fletcher
  4. (sucks to be whoever gets the middle seat)

Big Yellow Van - 600pm UBC Fairview pickup, 630pm Broadway x Macdonald @ gas station

  1. Edward
  2. Piotr
  3. Seth (?)
  4. Pawel
  5. Juan