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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.

Date: February 3-4

Pre-Trip Meeting was on Monday, January 29th, 6pm in the clubroom. A number of people weren't there or couldn't make it, so we will do the rest of the organising of the trip here on the wiki.

Location: Rainbow Peak, West of Alta Lake in Whistler

Driving Instructions: Take Highway 99 to Whistler. Take the Alta Lake Road turnoff, about 1km south of the Creekside Gondola on Whistler. You will notice this turnoff by the big sign for "Le Gros" restaurant. A prominent sign on Twentyone Mile Creek indicates the Rainbow Lake trailhead, apparently it's right by a cemetary. We are meeting at 8am on saturday morning.


Instructor Sign-up

  1. Matthew Baker
  2. Christian Veenstra

Student Sign-up

(max 18/19)

  1. Matthew Carroll
  2. Charlie Caunt
  3. Pawel Mirski (Snowboarder)
  4. Line Christiansen
  5. Christian Champagne (2 person 4-season tent, pots, stove)
  6. Jeff Ferguson
  7. Lisa Blachut
  8. Piotr Forysinski (UBC fairview. have 2 person 4-season tent and propane stove. not veggie)
  9. Bronwyn Jarvis (have a 4 person, 3-season tent; live at 41st & blenheim; NOT a vegetarian and plan on bringing chili or curry and buttered rum; unfortunately can no longer have ppl up to whistler fri night as brother is using place and does not like to share. will stone him upon next meeting)
  10. Stu Masterman
  11. Thomas Rowntree (Piotr's friend. is coming, but will already be in Whistler)
  12. Jan Ulrich
  13. Marcus Rohrbach (Snowboarder)
  14. Meghan Anderson
  15. Rick Havlak
  16. Rosemary Stringer (will already be in whistler. has a ride.)
  17. Rob Ralph (ditto)
  18. Mahdi Eynian


Please indicate here if you have a car, where you are leaving from and how many people you can transport.

Drivers Name [email, location leaving from, # of passengers]

Matthew Carroll [[email protected], 19th + Dunbar, 6] (CAN minivan, booked, coming to UBC, leaving Saturday morning, route)

  1. Christian Veenstra 5:00
  2. Bronwyn Jarvis 5:10
  3. Piotr Forysinski 5:20 UBC
  4. Christian Champagne 5:30

Mahdi Eynian [UBC]

  1. Lisa Blachut
  2. Matthew Baker (2pp tent, stove, pots, fuel)
  3. Jan Ulrich

Matthew Breakey [[email protected], MacDonald & 4th, 4]

  1. Matthew (tent,stove)
  2. Charlie (tent)
  3. Line
  4. Stuart

Jeff Ferguson [[email protected], 11th & Camosun, 4]

  1. Jeff (obviously)(tent,stove)
  2. Meghan Anderson
  3. Rick Havlak
  4. Marcus Rohrbach

Rick Havlak [[email protected], oak and 25th, 4] (not actually driving unless something changes to necessate it)

Food Groups

2-3 is a good number for a food group. It also works well to food group with the same people you're sharing a tent with.

The Veggie Parade - all aboard the legume train

  1. Lisa Blachut (stove, fuel, 1 pot)
  2. Matthew Carroll - oatmealmeister
  3. Matthew Baker (2pp tent, stove, pots, fuel) - desert king
  4. Meghan Anderson (Can get more supplies if need be) - queen of the chili

Christians' Meat Eating Consortium (has stove+pot+fuel - you can carry some of these)

  1. Christian Veenstra
  2. Christian Champagne (finally, no vege meals!)
  3. Perhaps even three, but two is easier

cauldron based eating consortium b/c teflon gives you cancer (and destroys the ozone layer)

  1. Bronwyn Jarvis
  2. Rick Havlak
  3. Jan Ulrich
  4. Marcus Rohrbach

Mahdi's - non vegie (I have stove, pot and fuel. You may help me carrying them!)

  1. Mahdi Eynian


Please indicate here if you have a tent suitable for winter camping, and how many it can sleep.

Matt's Moss Winter Bombshelter [3]

  1. Lisa Blachut
  2. Matthew Carroll
  3. Matthew Baker

Christian's Sleeping Consortium

  1. Christian Veenstra
  2. Meghan Anderson
  3. Oh god, you have no idea how crowded this tent is with three people. We should really keep it to two.

Piotr's tent <2>

  1. Piotr himself (how surprising)
  2. Tom Rowntree

bronwyn's tent of witchdoctors and capaciousness <4, 3-season>

  1. me
  2. Marcus Rohrbach
  3. Rick Havlak
  4. Jan Ulrich - I'll practice my witching

Champagne's Tent of Love <2, 4-season>

  1. Myself
  2. Some lucky lady (hopefully...) (watch out ladies he may try to suffocate you in your sleep)

Mahdi's <2, 4 season>

  1. M.E.

Equipment List


In winter especially, none of your clothing should be made out of cotton. Anything synthetic is safe. Just remember, Cotton Kills.


  • sleeping pad - you may want to consider also grabbing a thin foamy or other pad (or even a few garbage bags) to provide a little more insulation - most people are cold in the night if they can feel the snow below them
  • sleeping bag (rated for winter or 3 season if you sleep warm)


  • warm jacket (fleece or down)
  • warm pants (fleece or thick long underwear)
  • long underwear
  • layers (fleece or wool sweaters)
  • toque, mitts (2 pairs, or a set of waterproof shells)
  • warm socks (2 pairs, wool/wool mix)
  • waterproof jacket (goretex or coated nylon)
  • waterproof pants (goretex or coated nylon)
  • gaiters
  • good waterproof boots (wax them before the trip) or ski boots
  • goggles if skiing
  • sunglasses


  • skis and skins / snowboard and snowshoes / etc
  • poles


  • cup, bowl, spoon, knife
  • toothbrush etc.
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle (1L)
  • lunch, snacks, breakfast, dinner contribution (in winter you will need 2500-3500 calories per day, fat-rich stuff keeps you warm)
  • headlamp
  • garbage bags - bring a few, these are useful for everything
  • gas money for your driver
  • spare batteries for headlamp, beacon and anything else that uses 'em

Avalanche Safety Gear

  • avalanche transceiver
  • shovel
  • probe (optional but recommended)

Optional Extras

  • camera
  • musical instruments
  • large quantities of mulled wine - or hard booze (more value for your weight)

Small Group

2-3 people per group

  • tent
  • stove + fuel + lighter (you'd be surprised how often one of these stays home)
  • pots

Big Group


  • first aid kits
  • song books
  • snow saw
  • maps, compass, etc
  • repair kit