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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.
Photo: Richard So


This trip is, perhaps obviously, an introduction to skiing in the backcountry. Skiing in the backcountry is a lot different than skiing in a resort for a bunch of reasons, including snow conditions, routefinding, avalanche danger etc. This trip is geared to introduce people to these differences so they can learn to be more confident heading into the wilderness in winter (on skis).

This trip is for people who have basic camping skills (and are prepared to camp outside in the cold, on snow) and skiing skills. Winter Longhike and Tele School are good preparation for this trip. Snowboarding is also possible in the backcountry (snowboarders typically use snowshoes for the uphill, or use a splitboard), but this trip is geared towards skiing. Snowboarders can come on this trip if they are tough and willing to put up with any differences caused by being a snowboarder. Snowboarders should all be in group 1 since Caspar Creek is so flat on the exit.

Avalanche Education

Avalanches are a major consideration for winter backcountry travel. It is recommended that you educate yourself about avalanches before this trip. We will also discuss this issue at the trip, but the more you know, the better. The VOC is organizing an avalanche course two weeks before this trip, so you could consider taking that (this is the best option). There is also an online course available here. Reading a book on the subject wouldn't hurt either.


February 2nd - 3rd, 2008

Note that this trip may be cancelled, postponed or the location changed based on weather and avalanche conditions.

Pre-trip meeting

The pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 at 6:00pm PST in the clubroom.


Group 1: Fat Dog Creek (Manning Park)

Group 2: Frosty (Manning Park)

Equipment List

Please consult the above link for all information regarding proper skiing clothing and gear. Please be aware that you will need proper backcountry skis for this trip (telemark or alpine touring) as well as skins (these are, of course, crucial), ski boots, and poles. Avalanche transceivers (modern 457 kHz type) and shovels are absolutely mandatory.

Personal items are in regular font, shared items are in italic font


  • water bottle (at least 2L, unless you know yourself)
  • headlamp and batteries
  • sunscreen
  • sun glasses and/or goggles
  • map
  • compass
  • backpack
  • pocket knife
  • whistle
  • lighter and/or waterproof matches
  • first aid kit
  • Toilet Paper
  • tent

Clothing / Equipment

  • warm jacket (fleece or down)
  • long underwear (top and bottom)
  • toque / hat
  • mitts / gloves
  • weatherproof jacket (goretex or coated nylon or softshell if weather is forecast to be sunny)
  • weatherproof pants (goretex or coated nylon or softshell if weather is forecast to be sunny)
  • hiking poles?
  • gaiters (optional if your pants have an integrated snow cuff)
  • warm pants (fleece or down)
  • insulated booties (optional)


  • Lunch and snacks x2
  • Breakfast x1
  • Dinner x1


  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad
  • ear plugs, because somebody will snore (optional)

Cooking and Eating

  • bowl, spoon
  • Stove with fuel. If using white gas, for each person bring 200 mL
  • Pot and matching pot gripper
  • Toothbrush

Ski hardware

  • ski helmet (optional) (most climbing helmets do not protect from frontal or side impacts and are not acceptable substitutes)
  • skis (must have touring bindings that allow the heel to be free) or a split snowboard
  • skins for going uphill. They must fit your skis and have reasonable glue. Test them.
  • bindings. Applies particularly for splitboards.
  • poles
  • boots to match your skis or snowboard - there are many different kinds of binding interfaces. Make sure to test that both your boots fit into your bindings before the trip.
  • ski repair kit

Avalanche Safety Gear

  • 457kHz avalanche transceiver (with batteries, tested in advance)
  • shovel
  • probe
  • snow saw (optional)
  • rutschblock cord (optional)
  • loupe (optional)
  • crystal card (optional)
  • CAC Avaluator card (optional)
  • CAC Public Avalanche Bulletin Printout{{#if:|

===Climbing Gear===}}

Sign Up

FULL. This trip is closed.

Please indicate whether you have avalanche training/experience.

Group 1


  1. Scott Webster
  2. Christian Champagne
  3. Evan Morris
  4. Steve Mullen
  5. Chris Petrus


  1. Anne Webster (AST 1)
  2. Jason Bedard (AST 1, 2006)
  3. Laura Morrison (AST 1)
  4. Bob Lai (AST 1)
  5. Emma V-B (AST 1)
  6. Anne Vialettes (no AST)
  7. Nick Chng
  8. Shane Beaton (no AST, just informal training/reading, have 4wd car)
  9. Helen Fleisig (half AST1)
  10. Josh Zukewich (no AST, some informal training. Snowboard/Snowshoe)
  11. Pawel Mirski (5 day Rec Avi Awareness, snowboard?)
  12. Colin Ferster (AST 1, snowboard?)
  13. Ran Z
  14. Michael Kaye (No avalanche experience)

FULL. This trip is closed.

Group 2


  1. Christian Veenstra
  2. Duncan McPhedran
  3. Matthew Carroll
  4. Line Christiansen
  5. Matthew Baker


  1. Anton Kaplan (AST-1)
  2. Madelaine Wiese (no AST, some informal training)
  3. Eddie (Took the Jan 19-20 avi course)
  4. Elissa Smith (AST 1, 2007)
  5. Eric Escobar (AST-1)
  6. Philipp Zielke (not taken AST 1 Jan 26-27 since it got canceled, but read the avi cours material (-: )
  7. Claire Bossavit (Eric's wife, no avi course, but heard a lot about avalanches from Eric)
  8. Paul Bates (no AST, reading up- plan to do the Whistler avi information day)
  9. Sophia Moulton (no avalanche experience)
  10. Joanna Kolakowska (no AST)

FULL. This trip is closed.


Please indicate here if you have a car, where you are leaving from and how many people you can transport.

You MUST be in a car with people from your group (1 or 2) only. The trips are not at the same location and will be run entirely independently on the trip weekend.

Group 1 Cars

All cars listed here are in Group 1

Evan Morris [would like to rearrange cars so pickup is in one area, 4 passengers]

  1. Bob Lai
  2. Steve Mullen (Burrard at 11th)
  3. Michael K.
  4. Stu Masterman

Nick Chng [Wherever, but not too many disparate places!, 4 passengers, have roof rack]

  1. Scott Webster
  2. Anne Webster
  3. Helen Fleisig
  4. Josh Z

Shane Beaton [UBC, 3 or 4(squished) passengers]

  1. Emma V-B (Gage UBC)
  2. Anne Vialettes (14th and Trimble)
  3. Laura
  4. Champagne (15th & Sasamat)

Jason Bedard

  1. Chris Petrus
  2. Pawel
  3. Colin
  4. Ran

Group 2 Cars

All cars listed here are in Group 2

Duncan McPhedran [Fraser & Broadway, 3 or 4 passengers, roof rack equiped]

  1. Eddie
  2. Philipp Z
  3. Matthew Baker

Eric [Westend, 2 spots/(3 spots if people really like each other)]

  1. Claire Bossavit
  2. sophia moulton
  3. Joanna

Matthew Carroll [13th + Macdonald, 6 passengers, CAN mini-van w/roof rack]

n.b. If we have sufficient alternative vehicles by 8pm Jan 31st I will cancel the booking.

  1. Elissa Smith
  2. Christian Veenstra
  3. Line Christiansen
  4. Anton Kaplan
  5. Madelaine Wiese
  6. Paul Bates

Carless People

For people that don't have a car

  • Name, leaving location