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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Main article: Intro to Ice Climbing


March 7-8, 2009

Pre Trip meeting: Wednesday March 4th 2009, 6pm, clubroom


Ideally, all students will have done some leading on rock (sport OK), and will have experience belaying a leader. Some exceptions can be made. If in doubt, just ask me... (Piotr)


  1. Rigid(ish) mountaineering boots
  2. Harness
  3. Belay device, some screw-gates
  4. Helmet
  5. Crampons (that fit on your boots)
  6. Ice tools
  7. Waterproofs, jacket+pants
  8. Gloves (lots of pairs, thin ones for climbing and thick ones to thaw your hands while belaying)
  9. Toque
  10. Headlamp !!!!
  11. Camping gear - tent, stove, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, warm clothes etc etc

The Club gear room has a few pairs of double plastic mountaineering boots, and a huge supply of harnesses and helmets. We have a limited supply of decent climbing crampons too. You will however need to have your own belay device, and ideally a few screw-gate biners to go with it. If you have slings, quickdraws, daisychains etc, bring those too. I will try to organise ice axes for everybody closer to the time by borrowing tools from everybody I know who won't be instructing, but if you can arrange your own then please please please do - there will be a shortage.

Instructors will be responsible for bringing ropes, screws and draws/extenders/screamers, however I will help out with finding screws if you don't have enough.


The location of this trip will once again be Marble Canyon, between Lillooet and Cache Creek on Highway 99. I'm afraid a long (+- 5h) drive will be required - be prepared. We will be camping at the Marble Canyon car park (picnic benches, fire-pit and outhouse available) to maximise climbing time, and we will try to leave on friday afternoon (but not before 6pm). The actual camping spot is very close to the car park, so it will essentially be 'car-camping'. Meeting up in the morning (no later than 9am) with people wishing to drive 'in the morning' is acceptable but preferably avoided. If we end up having issues with over-crowding, some people can drive over to the Rambles on Sunday - we shall see.

Student Sign Up

We'll start with 8 student spots, and once I get more instructors we'll move some people over from the waiting list to the main trip list. We're going to try to stick to a 1:2 instructor:student ratio; some time however may be spent in a bigger group.

  1. Laura Morrison
  2. Ryan Gustafson
  3. Pawel M
  4. Ran Z
  5. Colin Pither
  6. Grant Stewart

Waiting List

  1. Devon Carr
  2. Jannu Casanova
  3. tif shen


Anybody wishing to instruct for this trip please email me, and I will put your name on the list myself... That, however, is not to say that I don't want instructors; in fact the exact opposite! Thanks!!!

  1. Piotr F.
  2. Edward Estabrook
  3. Philipp Zielke
  4. Anne V - assistant instructor :-) = lead belay person
  5. Seth Adams


  1. Ed Estabrook (leaving downtown around 730pm (?), friday)

Piotr Forysinski
Philipp Zielke
Anne V.
Pawel Mirski

  1. Grant Stewart (leaving UBC around 715 pm, friday)

Laura Morrison
Ran Zhang
Colin Pither
Ryan Gustafson

  1. Seth


Piotr + Anne (Piotr's tent)
Ed + Philipp (Philipp's tent)
Laura + Grant (Grant's tent)
Ran +Colin Pither (Ran's tent)
Ryan + Pawel

tent groups try to arrange food groups and stoves etc amongst yourselves :-)

Driving Instructions

Highway 1 to Hope (150km)
Highway 1 to Cache Creek (190km) - don't go the usual way E, up Highway 5 towards Merritt and Kamloops!! That'd suck!)
Highway 97 N from Cache Creek towards Prince George for 11km, then take a left onto Highway 99. Last chance to get gas is Cache Creek, but Marble Canyon isn't that much further.
Highway 99 for 25km to Marble Canyon (Crown Lake). The car park is signposted.

The guidebook says the alternative route from Lytton (Highway 12 to Lillooet) is shorter but slower, so don't take it :-) Another way to get there would be to simply follow Highway 99 all the way up from Vancouver; this is shorter but slower, and more of a 'challenging' drive as the Duffey Lake Road is pretty small and pretty windy.
The carpark and campground are at Crown Lake; the climbs are 200m across the frozen lake...

The trip organiser will hopefully be pitching a tent there sometime around midnight on friday night... See you all there!