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February 2nd to 3rd (Sat and Sun), 2013-We recommend that you drive up there on Friday night though!


This is a trip that happens annually for getting folks introduced to ice climbing and the screaming barfies and other shenanigans that come with it. We'll spend the day climbing ice on toprope for the most part.


The trip will be held at de Pencier Bluffs at Mount Seymour. Directions will be up after I get some other stuff done. The climbing is a short hike from the parking lot.


All students should have some experience rock climbing, and know how to belay top-rope.

Pre-trip meeting

Mandatory if you are coming on the trip, in order for me to know you are coming for sure. You'll be marked as "going" upon your attendance-if you can't make it please have someone represent you, or shoot me an email. When/where this is on the signup tool.


  1. Mountaineering boots
  2. Harness
  3. Belay device and a locking biner to go with it
  4. Helmet (MUST! I'm not letting anybody climb/near the cliff without one)
  5. Crampons
  6. Ice tools if you've got them. Hopefully we can be somewhat close to the 1 pair of tools per two people ratio.
  7. Waterproof clothing
  8. Gloves (lots of pairs if you've got them, thin ones for climbing and thick ones to thaw your hands while belaying)
  9. Toque
  10. Headlamp

The Club has some plastic mountaineering boots, as well as harnesses, helmets and crampons (try to get the nice rigid ones). You need, however, to have your own belay device and some locking biners to go with it. If you have some slings, quickdraws, daisychains etc, it can't hurt to bring those too. I will try to get my hands on some extra ice tools to borrow, BUT if you can arrange your own then please please please do - there will be a shortage.

Instructors will be responsible for bringing ropes, screws and draws/extenders/screamers.

Student Sign Up

Student sign-up can be found on the voc website, under the sign-up tool. Max. Participant number will depend on the instructor numbers.

Instructor Signup

Driving Instructions

Park at the Mount Seymour resort parking lot, far in by the Brockton Point Snowshoe trailhead


Lee took a lot of photos from the trip in 2011. You can view them on Flikr:


There are many inherent risks in ice climbing. VOC 'instructors' are not certified ACMG guides, just folks who want to share their love of climbing cool frozen stuff. Everyone is ultimately responsible for their own actions.

Ice climbing is also highly dependent on conditions, therefore this trip will turn into a backcountry hotsprings trip should we get a total meltdown over the next 2 weeks - although this is rather unlikely.