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Please read on on the VOC website!

"The Stadium".


  • Previous hiking/backpacking experience is an asset
  • General fitness will make things easier



  • Leave Vancouver early (time TBD at pretrip)
  • Meet at the car parking area at time TBD
  • Hike up to Wedgemount Lake, set up camp
  • Cook-off Saturday night!


  • We might climb/hike up to the top of something before heading back down.

Gear Required

Check out the gear lists on the wiki: Gear lists

Remember, the VOC has lots of gear for rent in the clubroom. There are lots of boots and packs available in the clubroom.


  • 1 set of non-cotton clothes (just the one set)
  • at least 1 additional warm thing (fleece / down jacket)
  • water proof jacket (even if the weather is suppose to be good)
  • toque (very important!!!)
  • sturdy hiking boots that fit you (with ankle support) (borrow them from the club if you don't have a pair), plus socks
  • sun hat
  • gaiters
  • gloves if you want


  • tent: If you don't have one we'll arrange for tent groups at the pre-trip
  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad


  • sunscreen
  • headlamp (very very important!!!)
  • lip balm
  • sunglasses
  • camera
  • toilet Paper and perhaps tupperware for fecal matter in case the outhouse is not usable. We're following leave-no-trace principles :)
  • toothbrush
  • lighter
  • stove, pot, and whatever you're planning on cooking with (somebody said sous-vide. Hmmm)


  • stove + pot + fuel + lighter (or share with someone)
  • thing to eat out of
  • spoon/fork
  • 2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, snacks
  • water (bring at least two litres to carry on the way up!!!!)
  • water purifier of sorts or a friend with one


and a pack to put it all in.

Pre-Trip Meeting

The Pre-Trip Meeting will be at 6:30pm on Tuesday, Oct. 9th 2012 at the clubroom. You need to show up to come to the trip, or have someone represent you at the meeting. If neither is possible in any way, shoot the organizer an email!

  • It is very important that you attend the pre-trip meeting as we'll be deciding on rides, accommodations, food groups, etc. We'll also decide the final number for this trip and we'll go over important details and skills.


Please sign up on the VOC website using the signup tool.

Iron Chef Competition

We will announce the *secret ingredient,* (which is dried apricots!)

So you have to make a dish with the secret ingredient playing a key role in the flavour profile of your dish. Oh, we're not culinary snobs or anything. Not a lot of people are after a day of slogging.

Categories within which you could become victorious in are as follows:

1) Best Overall/most amazingly awesomely better than your mom's cooking dish

2) Most practical for backcountry superlight awesomely efficentness (because fast and light doesn't mean you have to eat margarine and potato flakes)(I do wish that I could stomach it though, it's actually pretty impressive and really efficient)

3) Best Dessert

We will vote on each category, because we're in living in what's supposed to be a democratic country...

In terms of how much to make, if everyone makes 1~3 servings of their dish, there should be enough to taste of every thing-I think. :)