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Keith Flavelle Memorial Hut
Flavelles hut-650.jpg
Keith's Hut in late spring
Overnight Capacity 14-20
Elevation 1650m
Fee Small Groups (5 or less): 10$/person/night

Large Groups (6+): $20/person/night

Reservations No
Locked No
Access Cerise Creek Trail
Built 1988
Caretaker Keith Flavelle Memorial Hut Society
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Keith Flavelle was a mountaineer and great contributor to the BC mountaineering community. When he passed away in a climbing accident on Mount Logan, his friends and family built this hut in his memory. It is a very comfortable hut that contains a wood heater. The hut is near the base of the Anniversary Glacier and provides access to excellent summer mountaineering and winter backcountry skiing. See the Joffre Group wiki page for more information on trips from this hut. If you are staying in the hut, please make a contribution to help for upkeep and repairs (email, dropbox or by mailing a cheque), especially when using firewood (this is transported in by helicopter).

Large groups and guided parties are discouraged from staying as the hut was intended for smaller groups. There is no booking system so it is advisable to come prepared for alternative sleeping arrangements, be that a tent or snowcave.

In recent years the firewood which used to last well into the summer has been severely depleted. Frequent bonfires are in large part to blame. The firewood at the hut is for stove use only, and all bonfires observed outside of the hut should be shut down immediately. Please feel free to make this known to anyone doing so.

Every September a work party organized by the family ventures up to the hut to perform repairs and maintenance - watch the VOC message board for announcements or reach out to the Flavelle family to see about what you can do to help out.



First come first serve, however, the Non-VOC Hut Registration page is available to help coordinate use.
For the most up to date information on the Hut see the Bulletins on the Hut Registration Page. View the bulletin archive here.

The Hut is managed and lovingly looked after by the Kieth Flavelle Memorial Society. Financial contributions and manpower are essential for the ongoing hut maintenance and firewood stockpile. Donations are essential for the ongoing success of the hut, and can be made in cash at the hut, by mail, or by credit card, PayPal, or Interac Online here.

Large groups are asked to make a minimum donation of $20 per person per night. In this way large groups are not encouraged, but if they do come, the financial contribution is expected and it is very helpful.


Location of Keith's Hut and Trail
Main article: Cerise Creek Trail

The Joffre Backcountry Area holds non-motorized recreation zoning. For more details on the land usage and zoning of the area, view the Lillooet Forest District LRMP.

The hut used to be accessed via the Cerise Creek Trail from Highway 99. There were two separate routes for the winter and summer seasons both originating at at a parking pullout on the Duffey Lake Road, and cross a stream (Cayoosh Creek) immediately after the parking area. However, as of Spring 2019, a major landslide took off the North-East face of Mt. Joffre and wiped out both trails. The landslide area has been indefinitely closed by the province and there is now no formal trail ascending to the Hut. It has been rumored that a route to the hut has been established about 50m above the closure zone, but this claim has not been verified. If you attempt this route, it will cross avalanche run-out paths including Cheque's in the Mail so a little caution is required.


The information on this page is just a snapshot. See the Hut Inventory Page for complete information on tools and materials at the Hut

Heating Wood Stove (Heli-flown Wood: Use Sparingly)
Lighting Solar Powered LEDs
Cooking None. Large pot for melting snow.
Fire Safety No fires outside the Stove. Prime Liquid Fuel Stoves Outside.
First Aid
Sleeping Loft, no amenities. Brings Maps. Space often full on weekends, plan accordingly
Capacity 14 Loft, 2 Benches, Ground Floor Space
Drinking water Stainless tank with a faucet 200m west. Must melt snow in winter.
Human Waste Outhouse with TP station in outhouse. Pee ONLY at the Pee Tree.
Greywater Dispose Grey Water at the Pee-Tree ONLY.
Garbage Pack it out.



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