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This page is for items discovered or left behind in and around the VOC huts/events. You will need to create an account to edit this page, but it's free and doesn't take long. Please include the date, a description of the item/location, and contact information (beware of leaving an email address, as a web-crawling spam bot will eventually find it). Also, once the item has been sorted out, please remove it from the list. If you're item is lost and you want more chance of people seeing it, you could also post under the 'current conditions' for the hut where you left it.

Items Lost

  • Black MEC raincoat shell in the Burton Hut on March 10, 2013. Please call Devon at 604-347-1836.
  • Black Lululemon windbreaker, left at the Waddington Lake Hut August 9, 2015. Please call/text Adam at 778-228-7155 if you picked it up. Thanks!
  • Lost Nov. 10-11, 2018. Black stretchy pants from MEC. Bottom of legs have elastic. They are brand new. Please call Lisa at 604-220-4762 :) Thanks!

Items Found

  • iPhone 5c found at Brew Hut Nov 18. 2016 - jplaesecke @ gmaildotcom - Describe the case/network and it's yours

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