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VOC Advanced Base Camp

MEC's bi-annual Gear Swap is on Sunday, 22nd October from 10:30am – 1:30pm. Due to the popularity of the event, people will show up and sleep in front of the store during the evening of the 21st to get the best choices and deals. Many VOCers have done the trip over the years and has become basically a tradition.

Usually the way they run things is to only allow people into the tent where the swap takes place in waves. If you are one of people in the first wave then you will get the best choice. It doesn't really make any difference if you are the first, or the 20th, as long as you are in the first wave.

A few VOCers will be gathering around 4:30 on the 21st. Since this is a sleepover, you will need a few items.

  • Foamie (Therm-a-Rest)
  • Sleeping bag of sufficient temperature rating
  • Warm clothes
  • Ear plugs are a big plus (We're on Broadway!)
  • Something to kill time.
  • Breakfast (stove-free)
  • Snacks + water
  • Lots of Cash (They only accept cash sales. The amount you want to bring really depends on what you plan on buying. Bring several hundred dollars if you don't know what you want, more if you want to buy something expensive like good skis.)

Work Hike - Buying Gear for the Club

This requires that you camp out Saturday night for a decent shot at getting gear.

  1. 5pm Andrew Pare
  2. 5pm Christian Champagne
  3. 5pm Sandra Nicol
  4. 5pm Ben Singleton-Polster
  5. 5pm Dan Eagen.
  6. 5pm Nasir Zulkafly

The club is looking at getting the following items:

  • Avalanche tranceivers (bring batteries to test?)
  • Skins in good condition
  • Plastic tele boots
  • Snap-together probes (no screw assembly)
  • Metal bladed shovels

Buying Personal Gear

  1. 5pm. Christian Champagne
  2. 6pm. Evan Morris
  3. 11pm. AJ Allan (have to work - blah!)
  4. 10pm (ish). Charlie Caunt
  5. 6pm. Alice Leppitt
  6. 5pm. Ben Singleton-Polster. I will grab gear for the club if i see anything of use
  7. 6pm. Jowen Yeo
  8. Sophie Silver - no idea what time yet....
  9. Tristan Banwell (I'll be around pretty early)
  10. Irena Kuca - don't know yet
  11. 5 or 6 pm. Greg Dennis
  12. Marco Faustmann, dont know yet
  13. 5pm. Andre Malan
  14. Pascal Ziltener
  15. 5pm. Ben Webber
  16. 6pm. Lara
  17. 4ish. Hereward - I can buy gear for club but im looking for the same sorta stuff......
  18. 6pm Janelle Coe
  19. 10pm Samantha Lau
  20. 5pm. Jason Bedard