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A pair of hikes in Manning Park. Both are beginner friendly. We will camp at the car camp ground in Manning Park on Saturday night.

Saturday morning: meet at the Tim Hortons in Chilliwack at 8 am (7670 Vedder Rd. Take exit 119).

Saturday: Skagit River trail. 14.5km, basically flat. We'll be on the lookout for blooming wild rhododendrons. We will either do a car shuffle in the morning or the group will split into two.

Saturday evening: cooking competition and singing. Bring those guitars, songbooks, shakers, ukuleles, flutes, and voices!

Sunday: Lightening Lakes trail. 24km, basically flat. At the end of the day we drive back to Vancouver.


Sandra Nicol (driver plus 4 passengers, leaving from 7th and Oak)

  • Scott Nelson - songbook, flute, 2 person tent
  • Scott Webster - 2 person tent, stove
  • Jason Bedard - 3 person tent, stove
  • Duncan

Matt Breakey

  • Stephen Mullen - coleman stove, 3L wine
  • Line Christiansen
  • Stu
  • Val

Steve Lerch - Coleman (Driver plus one passenger, we can squeeze on more person in the middle, plus carry lots of gear. We will be heading to Kamloops after the hike or maybe Sun morning)

  • Meghan Trepanier