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Beginner Friendly Trip to Mt Price

July 18st - 19rd, 2009

Pre-trip meeting

July 15th at Spanish Banks beach (at the end of Tolmie St) at 7:30pm (locaton will change if it is raining)


What is it?

A beginner friendly trip to Mt. Price. We will hike up to Battleship Island campground on Garibaldi Lake on Saturday and attack the summit on Sunday morning, from where you can get good views of Table Mountain (where you can dream that maybe one day you can climb it...). Mt Price is a dormant volcano on the west side of Garibaldi lake. If there is interest I might point out some local flora and yummy (or not so yummy) edible wilds.

When is it?

It will be held on Saturday July 18th and 19th. We will drive up Saturday morning and leave Sunday evening.

Is it for me/you?

It is an easy scramble to the top of Mount Price and the trek to Battleship Island campground is not difficult, so as long as you are keen you should be able to make it up. The whole trip can be done in one day and we will give it two days to make it nice and easy.


Follow highway 99 North, past Squamish look for Black Tusk/ Garibaldi Lake access road on the RIGHT hand side of the highway. Turn up this road and drive to the end to get to the trail head. Meet at trail head at 9:30am and bring $5 for BC Parks camping fee. If you start to see signs for Alice Lake, you have gone too far.


Follow the Barrier trail to Garibaldi lake then south toward Mt Price, climb the NW ridge to the col between Clinker and Price.

Camping spot

We will camp at Battleship Island campground.

What to Bring


  • 1 set of non-cotton clothes
  • 1 additional warm thing (fleece / down jacket)
  • rainjacket / pants (if it is supposed to rain. Otherwise a nice light breathable softshell would be better)
  • toque
  • gloves (light pair)
  • boots (make sure they don't eat you feet)
  • sun hat
  • gaiters (not required, but there might be snow on some parts of the trail)


  • sleeping bag (a summer bag is probably good, depending how warm you think you sleep)
  • sleeping pad
  • maybe tent (only one needed per tent group)


  • Sunscreen
  • Headlamp
  • lip balm
  • sunglasses
  • camera
  • bug net and/or bug juice
  • Toilet Paper
  • Toothbrush
  • Lighter
  • Bearspray (optional - with such a large, probably noisy, group I'd be highly surprised if any self-respecting bear would go anywhere near us)
  • First aid supplies (this can be a group iteme, Meghan will have her small first aid kit with her)
  • Money for gas and BC parks fee ($20-30)


  • ski/trekking poles (poles are highly awesome for hiking, specially if your knees hurt going down hill)


  • stove + pot + fuel + lighter (only one needed per food group)
  • Plastic thing to eat out of (old yogurt container? Or something fancier)
  • spoon
  • Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch
  • Dessert potluck iteme for Jess's b-day!
  • Water (ability to carry 2 - 3L, depending on your size).
  • Water purifier drops and/or filter (others might share this with you too)

Luxury (optional)

  • songbook
  • 1 pair extra socks
  • sandals for camp
  • tin whistle / recorder / Ukulele/ other musical device
  • Alcohol
  • Plant id book
  •  ?

Additional Info

Club Tread TR,
BCMC TR on Club Tread


(Max 20 people please)

  • Pre-trip meeting was on July 15th at Spanish Banks beach (at the end of Tolmie St) at 7:30pm
  1. Meghan S. Anderson (A)
  2. Elsa Kamerling (maybe)
  3. Alireza Sharif (A)
  4. Chantelle Chan (B)
  5. Jessica Dorzinsky (B)
  6. Enrique Sandoval (C)
  7. Maria Athie (C)
  8. Jean-Francois Caron (A)
  9. Juan Solorzano (C)
  10. Fiona Lemon (C)
  11. Alicia Medina (C)
  12. Roland Burton (A)
  13. Doris Leong (A)
  14. Andrew M (B)
  15. Andre Lifchits (B)

Rides and Cars

Please write down your name, approximate area of departure, # of seats, approximate time of departure and return.
Note: Trip depends on drivers since I don't have a car myself.

Try and pick cars close to where you live, if possible. It's up to the passengers to contact the drivers to discuss pickup time and place.

(A)Sturdy Trooper

  1. Roland
  2. Doris
  3. Jean-Francois Caron
  4. Alireza Sharif
  5. Meghan

(B)Andrew's Car leaves from UBC. Seats for 4 incl. driver.

  1. Andrew M UBC 7:30AM No Cell
  2. Andrei Lifchits 206 1277 Nelson St 7:45AM 778-858-9013
  3. Chantelle Chan 1210 Jervis St 7:55AM 604-619-1898

(C)Juan's Car

  1. Juan
  2. Fiona
  3. Maria
  4. Enrique
  5. Alicia

Food and tent groups

The easiest thing is for people in the same car to sort out food and tent groups.

Food Group # 1 (Veggie Might)

  • Meghan
  • Jessica
  • Jean-Francois

Food Group #2 (Carnivorous Probably)

  • Roland
  • Doris
  • Alireza
  • if you want to join this group, talk to Roland and he'll put more water into the soup.

Food Group #3 (Spaghetti)

  • Andrew M
  • Andrei
  • Chantelle

Meghan's tent group

  1. Meghan
  2. Jessica

Food Group #4 (rock eaters)

  • Enrique
  • Maria Athie
  • Juan
  • Fiona
  • Alicia