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Gulf islands

Janez said:

Good choice on the location (least rain in the vicinity). However, Gulf islands are best for paddling... what you will pay for the boat rental you will save with free camping and cheap food that you will bring along. Of course, your lungs will be happy to - no second hand pot from the "smoked" islanders, who are generaly willing to give anyone a free ride...


I have made a cycling tour of the northern end (Saltspring, Gabriola,...). Very hilly which I like cycling wise, but enough car traffic to be bothered by fumes - yes, the uphill oil burning peaces of ****...

And two trips paddling (Saltspring -Prevost...Chocolate Beach, nice ???; Mayne, Pender, Saturna (NE has superb camping on small islands of Saturna), Cabbage Island has also excellent campspot not to mention Eagles on T. Island (between S.I. and C.I.).

Do I have to say more? So if you can paddle, read tide/current tables, can navigate, ar enot afraid of sea lions (only on the NE end of Saturna)... then paddling rules!

I have only tried one boat rental - on Mayne Island. He has very good boats and charges hour to hour (so for a two nights trip you pay only two days).

The down side is that he is located in the Active Passage so you have to time your departure with the current, E or W... and stay calm when the ferry arrives - and it will! The rule is not to go for the shore - the waves are the biggest there...

Bowen Island

There is a nice hike on Bowen Island. It is all in the forest until you get to the peak though. Trailhead might be difficult to find. [insert directions here] This can be a car-free trip. Take a bus to Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. [link to ferry schedule.]