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The Paralympic Torch Relay will be coming to UBC, and the VOC will be hosting a booth in the Paralympic Torch Relay Celebration event along with other UBC campus groups. (

We are looking for volunteers to help out with the VOC booth, which will involve interactive games. The popular ones from the last Olympic Torch Relay event were "balance tug of war", slacklining, and "who can draw the best maple leaf". It's okay even if you don't know the games (I didn't), come out and have fun! More ideas welcome. In addition, helping out during the event will count as a workhike.

This is not a member-recruiting focused event (like Clubs Days), but it would help to know some of this information:

When ?

Thursday, March 11th, 2010
Time (of event) : 11am-1pm

Complete event schedule
11:00am Paralympic Torch Celebration

Fanfare/Countdown – Show Start
11:10am Aboriginal Welcome
11:15am The National Anthem is performed by Megan Dray (UBC School of Music)
11:30am First Torchbearer, UBC’s own Bonnie Sawatzky, introduced

Paralympic torch run begins
12:30pm UBC Entertainers: Ache Brasil – Brazilian Capoeira
12:40pm UBC Entertainers: Undeclared Majors & Duly Noted – Viva la Vida & Rainbow Connection
12:50pm UBC Entertainers: Gustavo Ferman – Latin Funk
1:00pm UBC Entertainers: UBC Dance Team – “Fame” from “Fame”
1:10pm UBC Entertainers: Stefan Honisch – “Chaconne in D minor” by Johann Sebastian Bach, transcribed by Feruccio Buson

Final torchbearer, UBC’s Jennifer Krempien, arrives back at Main Stage torch Brief interview with Final torchbearer
12:00pm Vanoc Presentation
12:30pm Ceremony Concludes


SUB South Plaza. Corner of University Boulevard and East Mall

Volunteer Hours

We need volunteers to be at our booth to supervise the games. Preferably three members in each time slot, with at least one exec. Also, please come out if you are familiar with ropework to help out with slackline, prusiking, etc stations.

Please sign-in on the wiki to put your name down for a time slot below. Thank you for helping out!

Booth sign up

(Booth Set up)

11am - 12 (noon)

12 (noon)-1pm
1)shauna clarke

(Booth clean up)

==Things We Need== (will be updated closer to event, may depend on weather)

Will be provided at the booth:

  • a table
  • a tree

What we need to bring and set up:
-VOC poster -information about VOC

1. Balance tug of war

  • bucket (or something a person can stand on)x 2
  • rope x 1

2. The coin reach game

  • tape measure
  • rope/stick/something to mark starting line
  • poster/board to record distances

3. Slackline


Bringing photos of club trips may be fun to share as well.
Just remember, please, you are representing the club while you are at the booth!


Maki - Organizer