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  • Saturday: hike in and do trail work.
  • Sunday: Climb mountains (bring an ice axe, and a helmet if you don't know how to use an ice axe yet).
  • Monday: hike out and do trail work.


Large pruners and bow saws are the most useful for slide alder and other small annoying trees. There are many large blowdowns on the route that are probably best dealt with using a chain saw. Please sign up below with any tools you can bring along.

  • Hand Pruners (long handle, 2 handed type)
    • Christian Veenstra FMCBC tools cache (5)
  • Garden Pruners (one handed type) - these should be good for the azalea since you can grab it with one hand and cut with the other.
    • Sandra (1)
  • Bow saws
    • Christian Veenstra FMCBC tools cache (4)
    • Scott (1)
  • Chain saws
    • Sandra to borrow (1) from parents - 18" bar, spare chain
    • Veenstra (1)
  • Jerry Cans (to carry gas for chain saws)
    • sandra (5L)
  • Peavy
    • Christian (1)
  • Hatchet
  • Axe
    • FMCBC via Veenstra
  • Brush Axe
    • FMCBC via Veenstra
  • Huge first aid kit
    • FMCBC via Veenstra
  • big grubbing axe thing
    • FMCBC via Veenstra

  • People needing rides Sat-Sun-Mon