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This wiki is intended to minimize faff and organize groups of powder hunters for the Phelix Snow Worship

  • Time - Jan 25-27 (This is the "main" event but people can show up and leave at different times as this trip is not structured)
  • Vehicle [Location leaving from, Number of passengers, dates]
    • Food groups can be organized by car groups.

  • Tele-Transporter [Richmond, 4 passengers, 25-27]
  1. Nick
  2. Tim

  • Vibrant [Kits, 4 passengers]
  1. Will
  2. Noriko
  3. Ryan

  • Mazda Three [East Vancouver, 3 passesngers]
  1. Christian

  • Jolly Jumper [Kits, 3 passesngers]
  1. Ashlee