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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


It looks like the idea of climbing ice in the rockies has gained some reputable interest making it necessary to implement some sort of ride organization scheme. This is an attempt at that. Its mostly just a copy of Alfred's page for new years at Phelix.

My plan is to climb ice in the Rockies for pretty much the entire winter break. For me thats leaving Dec 12th (ish) and returning Jan 5th (ish) but by the looks of it I will be cycling through a list of partners coming and going. Some people might even be planning on doing a few days of skiing in the Rockies. Crazy, I know. Overall everyone will pretty much be doing there own thing within their car. We will probably be pretty limited on gear and people who are experienced on ice (i.e. can lead) so some communal cragging days may be in order. Ice is also considerably easier to second than to so even if you have never climbed ice before there is a pretty good chance you can second anything anyone in the VOC is willing to lead.

Trip Coordinator

Nobody is actually organizing this. This is not instructional. People coming to climb ice should at the very least know how to climb rock and have basic mountaineering knowledge. Car groups should be self-sufficient. This isn't even really a trip, just a list of people who happen to be going to the rockies at some point during Dec/Jan and would like to sort out rides.


December 11th, 2012 - January 6nd, 2013

Note that these dates are open to your interpretation!

Sign Up

Drivers: Please indicate here where you are leaving from, and when, and how many people you can transport.

Passengers: It is up to you to contact your driver as soon as possible and tell him/her that you want a ride. At that time you can discuss departure time and place, sharing of food, stoves, etc. Once you have done this, you should take your name off the "carless people" list. If you are getting a ride in only one direction put that direction next to your name.

  • Signing yourself up in a car does not mean that you are actually going to get picked up. Make sure to contact the driver!

Driver [Going To Rockies [date], Leaving From Rockies [date], leaving from [your location], # seats]

Ian Dusome [Going To Rockies Dec 13th, Leaving From Rockies Jan 5th +/-, leaving from UBC, 3 seats]

  1. stuart picken (return only) Emily Suddes (going there)
  2. Ted (return only) Leandra Langlois (going there)
  3. Lachlan's Sister (return only) Tom (going there)

Alfred [Going To Rockies Dec 12th +/-, Leaving From Rockies Dec 28 +/-, leaving from Point Grey, 3/4 seats]

  1. Christian S (return only)
  2. Lachlan (return only)

Jens Vent-Schmidt [Going To Rockies Dec 20th +/-, Leaving From Rockies Dec26 +/- Going to Phelix Dec 28 +/-, leaving from Kits, 4 seats]

  1. Steph
  2. Clemens
  3. Julien
  4. Lachlan (Van>Rockies only)

Carless People

For people that don't have a ride. You can put your name here, but it is still your responsibility to find a ride.

  • Carless person (Preferred dates, where you are leaving from)
  1. Stuart picken. (finish uni on the 18th, leave Van asap after that.) Super stoked and committed.
  2. Artem Bylinskii (also finish on the 18th and could leave that evening, need to be back just before New Years, would like to ski in Revelstoke along the way)