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Please exercise caution when utilizing this information.

All Ropes are for Top-Roping ONLY

Ropes are labeled at both ends with a letter and a number:

R= rock climbing okay G= glacier travel only

Rope inventory as of December 5th, 2006

Label Description Purchase Date Expiry Date Additonal Info
R1 yellow/red/black  ? Retire end of 2007
R2 yellow/red/black  ? Retire end of 2007
R3 purple/turquoise  ? Retire end of 2007 50M only
R4 green/blue/yellow/orange  ? 2-3 years
R5 dark blue/orange  ? Retire end of 2007
G1 yellow/purple/pink  ? 2-3 years 1/2 rope
G2 dark blue/light blue/pink  ? Retire end of 2007
G3 dark blue/white/red  ? 2-3 years 28M only
G4 light green/dark green/purple  ? Retire end of 2007 30M only

"expiry dates" are approximate and actual lifespan depends on rope use

All Club ropes should be checked at least ONCE a year