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Anna Szeitz, find email on member list.


Trip dates: Saturday Dec 18 to Monday Dec 20.

Pre-trip:Wed Dec 15 at 6pm. Meet by the clubroom.


Himmelsbach Hut by Russett Lake outside of Whistler. Plan is to ski Whirlwind Peak which is past the lake a ways. The hut officially sleeps 8, but can probably hold 13-14 if we use the floors, etc. Possibly gets very busy on weekends.


This is a mellow three day ski trip up to Russett Lake in Whistler. Plan is to ski the 15km up to the hut via the Singing Pass trail, spend a day skiing some easy stuff around Whirlwind Peak, and then head home via the Musical Bumps and Whistler mountain ski runs, or back down the Singing Pass trail if things get tricky.

Hopefully there will be room in the hut, but be prepared to tent.

Because of the ski runs, snowshoeing is not really an option. Alternate option would be to have a group of snowshoers in one car who would organize their own timetable for Day 3 and could head out via the Singing Pass trail.


  • Day 1 - Ski 15km up to the hut from Whistler village
  • Day 2 - Head over to Whirlwind Peak, or elsewhere and spend the day skiing
  • Day 3 - Ski out via Musical Bumps and Whistler Mountain ski runs

Skills Required

The ski skill level required is similar to Red Heather/Elfin Lakes, ie. as easy as it gets. The Musical Bumps section is also supposed to be fairly straightforward, and there are green and blue ski runs going down into Whistler Village. Beginner skiers are welcome, as long as you know how to turn, stop, and generally keep yourself from sliding off something dangerous.

Avy training is highly recommended and greatly appreciated. If you don't have any avalanche training, that is okay, but please, please, please, for your own sake as well as everyone else's go through the CAC's online avalanche course [| here.] Also, know how to operate a beacon. I can go over this briefly during the pre-trip.


See this page for basics: Gear_lists#ski_hut_trip

  • Plan to bring a tent in case the hut is full. This will be organized during the pre-trip.
  • Avalanche gear is a must. Borrow from the club, or rent from MEC.
  • Food, can be organized with someone else


Trip limit is 8-10 in order to hopefully fit into the hut. If there is a lot of interest, people can tent and we will have to organize ourselves into smaller groups.

With car:

  1. Anna Szeitz - 3 spots
  1. Scott MacPherson
  2. Andrew Maurer


  • Dano Morrison
  • Yewon Kim