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On November 19th, and possibly on November 18th, the Sea to Sky Backcountry Recreation Association needs volunteers to help install signage at trailheads in the sea to sky area. These signs will inform the public of the land-use agreement that was made between non-motorized, motorized, and commercial recreation groups.

The map was put together by the Sea to Sky Forum, a multi-stakeholder group consisting of representatives from the three user groups and the government. It took two years of monthly meetings to come to an agreement, but now the map has been incorporated into the Land and Resource Management Plan for the Sea-to-Sky region! The map's inclusion in the LRMP is a huge success for the non-motorized community, as the LRMP is enforceable (note that the LRMP process is not yet complete, but this map is unlikely to change). Hence the signage -- we need to inform the public about where some activities, such as snowmobiling, are not allowed.

The goal of the Forum was to ensure that an enjoyable experience is available in the Sea to Sky area for all user groups. It took a while, but the snowmobilers and heli-ski operators that came to the meetings learned that their activities have a negative impact on non-motorized users like VOC, BCMC, ACC, and North Shore Hikers members. By helping to put up signs you will help to protect the experiences of all users of this amazing area!

This trip qualifies as a work hike, so you will be able to borrow club gear. Also, we'll be working with people from Whistler Heliski, the BCMC, the Federation of Mountain Clubs, and lots of others. So, if you are new to the area or just want info, these folks know the best spots to go in the whole area. They know their history too, so this is a great learning opportunity for people interested in past activities in this area, in how the government works with respect to recreation, and all of the other political real world work that goes on behind the scenes to preserve recreation activities for the public. No experience necessary. The trip will mostly consist of driving to various trailheads and installing signs (dig a hole, put the sign in it, secure).

Sign up

  1. Sandra Nicol
  2. Christian Champagne