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Oct. 28-29, 2006

  • Note: likely with some people coming a day early and some leaving a day late.


The Stather's place, unfortunately, is unavailable this year.
We've secured a beautiful camping location for an amazing price at the Lost Moose Resort. Fuller will be collecting camping fees from each driver, so make sure you find and pay him on Friday night or at the Potluck Saturday. When checking into campground just tell Phil and Kathy Basil that you're with the VOC (they know that I'm paying them for everyone). The fees will be $10/car for the entire weekend. They have OK'd it if people want to come one night early or stay one night later. If the weather isn't below freezing, there is running water, a bathroom, and even one shower. They're going to update Fuller about the water situation before we leave.

Directions can be found on the Lost Moose website here: Lost Moose Map & Directions. Note that their map has roughly South-East in the up direction. If you want to look for the streets on Google Maps, just look due east of the middle of Penticton.


We typically celebrate Halloween in style and have a potluck dinner on Saturday night. Otherwise take care of your own food or organize something within your car group. Penticton has lots of grocery stores so don't worry if you forget something.

Christine has graciously donated her house for the Saturday potluck. (No, that doesn't mean we're eating her house for dinner). The potluck will begin at 6 at her home, located at 3608 Forsyth Dr, high in the hills of the northwest part of the city. See map with link below, but also note the directions from Christine:

Location of Potluck Dinner in Penticton, BC (Green Arrow). Click here for Google Maps link

Christine's Directions: The house is way up on the west side of the valley so, you'll need to drive to the north end on the city (The Okanagan Lake end), and get onto the highway as if you were going to drive out to Kelowna. (In the city, Eckhart Street, when followed, turns into the highway. If driving along the "Channel Parkway", turn left on Eckhart.) You'll be heading west, facing that side of the valley. Drive past the Visitors Center, and golf course, and you'll cross a bridge over the river channel. directly after this bridge, there is a hill on the left hand side (at the bottom there is a big driving range, I think it's called "Doc's Driving Range"). Turn left up that road. If you start driving alongside the lake, you've gone the wrong way. Continue along that road, and you'll come to another bridge, and a T intersection; turn right. Continue up and you'll come to another T intersection, where you'll turn right again, and directly afterwards take a left up the hill (this road is called Bartlett). Stay on this road, it will eventually magically turn into Forsyth Drive (the name changes randomly at a curve in the road, to reasons unknown by everyone). So just simply continue up and up, always staying on the same curvy road. You will cross a cattleguard, drive by a hideous subdivision, and gravel pit, and just keep going up. Eventually you'll come to the top, where there is a fantastic view of Penticton, and will see on the right hand side a blue sign that says Husula Highlands. Keep going (don't worry, you're almost there), you'll go up a little hill, and my house is just past the top of it, after a culdesac (how do you spell that anyway?) at 3608 Forsyth Dr.

It sounds confusing, but it's actually fairly straightforward once you're on the road. If anyone has any problems whatsoever, my home number is (250) 493-6082... and my name is Christine (so you don't feel silly calling and not knowing who I am, or who to ask for). If anyone has any questions beforehand, my number here is 604-619-7996, and I'll have my cell in Penticton too, incase for any reason you can't reach me on the home number.

What to bring

As with most trips you should have an adequate sleeping bag, tent, means to cook (i.e. stove or someone to share with), food, and appropriate clothing. If you don't have a tent try to find one within your car group to share. If you don't have a stove, bring something delicious to bribe someone and they'll let you share. You should all own sleeping bags by now - c'mon this is an outdoor club.
Don't forget to have something for the Saturday night potluck dinner. Mmmm I can't wait.
At this time of the year, Penticton is pretty chilly with daytime temperatures averaging in the low-teens and night-time often dropping below 273 Kelvin (also known as 0˚C, for all the non-nerds out there). Keep this in mind when packing clothing.

A guidebook would be very useful, so try and scrounge one before coming. If not, a photographic memory will suffice.

Also don't forget your Halloween costume for our potluck Halloween party! (Note: "Rock Climber" is not a very original costume)


There will be a short course, called Rock 2.5, on Sunday morning. This is designed for people who are comfortable top-roping and interested in learning the principles of sport-lead climbing. We'll teach lead belaying, clipping techniques, ideas regarding catching falls, etc. Students should be very comfortable climbing 5.8, just so we're all on the same level.

The set up will be as follows: the instructors will give a demonstration for the students and explain things. After the demo the instructors will each take a pair of students off to give them a chance to try one lead climb. This means that the course has a limit of 2 students per instructor. Additional students are welcome to watch the demo and hear the explanation but likely won't get to lead climb. After the course, students can go back to their top-roping (unless they already own quickdraws and a rope) and instructors can go back to whatever climbing they had intended for the day. The entire course should only last 2 hours.

Rock 2.5 Instructor Sign Up

    1. Fuller
    2. Boris
    3. Jordan
    4. Krystil
    5. Janez

Rock 2.5 Student Sign Up

    1. Champagne
    2. Charlie
    3. Christine
    4. Nadine
    5. Brian
    6. Julie
    7. Jeff McCord
    8. Eva Wingren
    9. Greg D (just wanna watch)
    10. Andre Malan
    11. Bob Lai (just watch)
    12. Janelle Coe (watching too)
    13. Mahdi Eynian (just watching)
    14. Katie M (just watching)
    15. Robert Fischer-Summers (watch)

Trip Sign Up

    1. Jordan Tam
    2. Mike Fuller
    3. Richard So
    4. Matthew Breakey
    5. Charlie Caunt
    6. Alice Leppitt
    7. Afton Halloran
    8. Evan Morris
    9. Greta Raymant
    10. Scott Webster
    11. Bob Lai
    12. Robert Fischer-Summers
    13. Christian Champagne
    14. Julie Patrick
    15. Ben Webber
    16. Irena Kuca
    17. Jowen Yeo
    18. Nadine Harris
    19. Brian Condon
    20. Jeff McCord
    1. Elizabeth hubert
    2. Michael Blicker
    3. Charissa Pinnell
    4. Katie Mollema
    5. Eric von Lieres
    6. Greg Dennis
    7. Cynthia Thomson
    8. Lara Thompson
    9. Eva Wingren
    10. Claire Heintzman
    11. Piotr Forysinski
    12. Christian Veenstra
    13. Marcin Mirski
    14. Andre Malan
    15. Christine McLaren
    16. Ben Singleton-Polster
    17. Stephen Lerch
    18. Meghan Trepanier
    19. Leah Nurmi
    20. Boris Khramstov
    1. Fiona Campbell
    2. Mike Young
    3. Nasir Zulkafly
    4. Stephanie Schmitt
    5. Erin Sours
    6. Christie Osburn
    7. Mahdi Eynian
    8. Krystil Koethler
    9. Matthew Baker
    10. Sandra Nicol
    11. Chris Michalak
    12. Alex Ross
    13. Seth Adams
    14. Matthew Cole
    15. Janez Ales (driving from Canmore)
    16. Matthew Jewkes


If you have space in your car, please post the spots. Passengers pay for gas. If you have a rope and/or rack, please indicate so that we can try and even out people with gear into cars with less gear.
Note: Passengers, contact your drivers a few days in advance to determine meeting locations/times. Contact info can be found on Member List. The onus is not on drivers to track down all their passengers.

  • Jordan Tam (4 spots) [rope,rack,tent]{Thursday afternoon/eve - Sunday early evening] Hey!! Who put my car on here??
  1. Boris [2 ropes, draws, tent&camping gear]
  2. Kristen B
  3. Afton
  4. Mike Simons
  • Matthew Breakey (# 4) [rope,rack]{friday 4pm on campus - sunday @ 9pm]

Going to Skaha - weather looks reasonable.

  1. Angela Markwart
  2. Charlie Caunt [small tent]
  3. Ben Singleton-Polster[1/4 rack,rope, tent]
  4. Matt Buckle
  • Bob Lai (# 4) (leaving Fri afternoon)
  1. Evan Morris (hopefully will have a rope, but no draws:( )
  2. Greta Raymant
  3. Robert Fischer-Summers [rope, draws]
  4. Jeff McCord
  • Julie (3 extra but not much gear (Jeep)) (anytime after friday 5pm)
  1. Christian Champagne (1 & 2-person tents, stove + camping gear)
  2. Ben Webber
  3. Irena Kuca
  • Lara Thompson (3 extra but not much gear -- tiny Escort)[rope,tiny rack,tent,camp stove](leave friday late afternoon)
  1. Alice Leppitt
  2. Brian Condon (maybe rope, 2 person tent, one stove)
  3. Christian Veenstra (rope, rack + bivy sack)
  • Katie Mollema (3 spots)
  1. Cynthia Thomson
  2. Charissa Pinnell (rope, tent)
  3. Claire Heintzman
  • Michael Blicker (3 spots) [trad rack, tent, stove, stylishly good looks]
  1. Marcin Mirski (rope, some biners and slings)
  2. Piotr Forysinski (ropes (halves), trad rack (limited camming power), bivi bag, small stove...)
  3. Mahdi Eynian (two person tent, stove)
  • Scott Webster (3 extra spots) (have everything) (leave clubroom 2 pm Fri. afternoon, return Sun. night, hopefully not too late)
  1. Leah Nurmi
  2. Nasir Zulkafly - Two/Three person tent

  • Fiona Campbell (3 spots in a small car) (leave from UBC friday 2:00pm, return sunday night)
  1. Mike Young (rope, rack, draws, guide, 2 person tent, stove etc.)
  2. Greg Dennis(2 person tent, stove, Brand New Draws!)
  3. Fuller! [rope, quickdraws]
  • Eva Wingren (4 spots) [nada - please pack light!] [leaving Friday at 4, return Sunday night]
  1. Jowen Yeo (2 person tent, draws, rope)
  2. Eric von Lieres (2 person tent, camping gear, rope, quickdraws)
  3. Richard So (2 person tent, some gear)
  4. Nadine Harris (4 person tent)
  • Sandra Nicol (4 spots, pick up near UBC) [rack, rope, tent, stove, pots] (leave Friday 5pm, return Sunday night)
  1. Krystil Koethler
  2. Chris Michalak
  3. Christine McLaren
  4. Alex Ross
  • Seth Adams (5 spots) [rope,rack, tent, stove, shoes, clean underwear] to get 5 in my car YOU must pack light!! {friday afternoon on campus - sunday evening]
  1. Seth
  2. Matthew Cole (3 person tent, Rope, draws)
  3. Andre Malan (2-3 person tent,rope, ROOIBOS TEA!
  4. Stephanie Schmitt (rope, draws)
  5. Erin Sours (goldfish!)

JoAnna Takeda (2 spots)I am leaving Friday night @ 9pm coming back Sunday night

  1. Matthew Jewkes (2 person tent, tarp)

Carless People

  • For those whom need a ride.
  1. Matthew Baker (rope, sport rack, 2 person tent, stove) ma[email protected] 604-293-2951b