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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.
VOCers hard at work


Main article: Skaha

Skaha is a rock climbing area located near Penticton, BC, in the Okanagan Valley. It is generally pretty dry, making it a common destination for times of the year when Squamish is a little soggy. The VOC usually runs a trip there around Halloween. Skaha has climbs at all levels, in both the traditional and sport styles. There is also top-roping possibilities for beginners who know how to set up top-rope anchors. Absolute beginners should have attended longhike before, as this trip is not instructional (but will most probably have tons of nice people). There needs to be at least one person that can set-up a top rope anchor per group.


October 30th - November 1th, 2009

  • Note: likely with some people coming a day early and some leaving a day late.

Pre-trip meeting

Wednesday October 28st 6:00pm, clubroom
Come to get/offer a ride and organize tent/stove sharing. This meeting is optional, if you already have everything set up, you don't have to come.


Local wildlife

We haven't decided yet where to stay, although to give you an idea, last year we stayed at Lost Moose. There was no water (frozen pipes), so we all have to bring our own. It was be CAD$100 per night divided by the number of people who ended up going (it somehow included beer, but that was probably a glitch in the matrix, or my bad memory).


We typically celebrate Halloween in style and have a potluck dinner on Saturday night. Otherwise take care of your own food or organize something within your car group. Penticton has lots of grocery stores so don't worry if you forget something.

What to bring

As with most trips you should have an adequate sleeping bag (it's probably going to be below zero), tent, means to cook (i.e. stove or someone to share with), food, and appropriate clothing (it's Halloween, so be creative). Tents and food groups should be organized by car groups, so we'll probably sort it out on the pre-trip meeting. A guidebook would be very useful, so try and scrounge one before coming (there's some stuff available online too, specially new routes). If not, a photographic memory will suffice. Also don't forget your Halloween costume for our potluck Halloween party! (Note: "Rock Climber" is not a very original costume)

If you have them, bring tire chains for your vehicle. Last year the highway was a skating rink.

Trip Sign Up

Please write next to your name the kind of climbing you would like to do: TR=top-rope, Sport, or Trad. This might help to separate into groups.

  1. Ignacio (sport + rope/gear)
  2. Jennifer Senez - minimal experience -attending longhike
  3. Joti Sara - minimal experience -attending longhike
  4. Jon Rothwell - TR, but would like to attempt sport or trad. No gear.
  5. Jonathan Desautels - Willing for everything, small experience lead climb and anchors, attending longhike, about 5.9
  6. Nick Chng - Probably going to ride my bike, but I've never missed Skahaha and I can drive.
  7. Chantelle Chan - TR/Sport, have rope & gear
  8. Merick Mortiz (Sport)
  9. Matt Osler - TR, easy sport have rope and some gear.
  10. justin hall-trad/sport- Rope/draws/rack
  11. Adrienne Johnson - TR and easy sport leads (have rope/anchor materials/quick draws)
  12. Jennie French - sport and/or toprope (have rope, draws, anchor gear)
  13. Noriko Okamoto (TR/easy sport - no gear yet)
  14. Greta R - sport or trad
  15. Mathieu LeBlanc - Sport/trad - Rope/draws/rack
  16. Alice Chan
  17. Kai Chaplin - sport + rope/sport rack
  18. Chloe Sharpe - top rop (up to 11a), sport (up to 5.9)
  19. Eden Imbeau - top rope
  20. Lucy Squibb- top rope, no rope yet but scored a belay device at Longhike, thanks Seth!
  21. Maddie Crowell
  22. Ran Z (Sport/Trad)
  23. Rasmus Thisner TR Sport
  24. Felix Floter TR, beginner, may have car
  25. Andy Yeh, indoor beginner, have shoes, harness, like to try outdoor climbing (indoor 5.9/5.10)
  26. Scott Thullen TR, beginner, has own stuff, would like to try sport
  27. Emily Browning TR, has own stuff, would like to try sport
  28. Alexandros Dimopoulos TR
  29. Daniel Jakob, beginner, need harness, shoes and helmet. Will have indoor experience soon
  30. Cameron Hookey- TR Beg.
  31. Anette Heggoy - TR/Sport
  32. Katinka Kilian - TR, beginner
  33. Christina Mai - minimal experience, attending longhike
  34. Ian Saari - TR/Sport
  35. Olek Splawinski - TR, With Ian ↑
  36. Veronika Schmitt- TR/sport
  37. Erica Mitchell - TR, beginner
  38. Anna Sobieniak - TR, beginner, attended longhike
  39. Cameron Bathgate-TR/sport rope basic gear
  40. Mike Blicker - trad/sport. rack/rope/etc
  41. Ayoe Buhl - TR, beginner, attended Longhike
  42. Jacqui Monie
  43. Kjell Erik Reinhardtsen - Sport/Trad
  44. Andrew Silversides - Sport/Seconding Trad
  45. Caleb ng - Sport/Trad Rack/Rope/Etc
  46. Tyler Hawkins- TR
  47. Robin Avery - Trad Rack / 2x ropes
  48. Carolyn Grise- TR, attended Longhike
  49. Mark Chui - sport lead; personal gear, ~14 draws, anchor gear, 70m rope, 60m rope
  50. Matthew Skolnik- top rope
  51. Brent Lin - TR minimal experience, no gear of any sort XD, maybe car
  52. Toby Sirzyk - have top roped before, would like to try sport and/or trad
  53. Simeon Burgenmeister - TR (attended longhike)
  54. Adam Palmblad - whatever


If you have space in your car, please post the spots. Passengers pay for gas. If you have a rope and/or rack, please indicate so that we can try and even out people with gear into cars with less gear.
Note: Passengers, contact your drivers a few days in advance to determine meeting locations/times. Contact info can be found on Member List. The onus is not on drivers to track down all their passengers.

  • Felix Flöter (4 spots) [tent..old,slow car] Friday Afternoon Dunbar&16th - Leaving Sunday afternoon
  1. Chantelle Chan
  2. Noriko Okamoto
  3. Carolyn Grise
  4. Erica Mitchell

  • Matt O (4 spots) [Sport] Leaving 1 pm from New Westminster Skytrain Station - Leaving Skaha 3pm Sunday
  1. Merick M
  2. Adrienne Johnson (rope/a few draws....and....CAR SNACKS...yum)
  3. Alexandros Dimopoulos

  • Maddie Crowell (4 spots) Leaving late Friday-Returning from Skaha Early Afternoon Sunday
  1. Tyler Hawkins
  2. Lucy Squibbs
  3. Ian Saari
  4. Olek Splawinski

  • Nick C (4 spots, Multiactivity) Leaving after work from Cambie&Broadway - Leaving Skaha 3pm Sunday
  1. Ran Z
  2. Ayoe Buhl
  3. Jennie French (Rope, 12 draws, anchor set up -for sport)

  • Adam P 4 spots, after work Friday, leaving sunday afternoon. 10th and Main, or somewhere close it. email at apalmblad at gmail if you want the last spot.
  1. Kjell E R
  2. Jonathan D

  • Brent (4 spots 8pm Friday UBC back Sunday night) I've got no gear not even sleeping bag/pad and minimal TR experience; people with stove tent ropes other gear and willingness to help a newbie get priority =D Please post below
  1. Alice
  2. Jenn

Carless People

For those who need a ride.

  • Name (Gear)
  1. Jennifer/Joti - Located cambie & 16th - have tent
  2. Jon Rothwell (Don't have a tent or stove and no rope.)
  3. Noriko (stove and wine)
  4. Mathieu LeBlanc (tent/stove/rope/rack)
  5. Kai Chaplin - on campus
  6. Jessica Dorzinsky - has a bulky tent + stove
  7. Anette Heggoy - point grey, no tent
  8. Katinka Kilian - campus. no tent, no stove
  9. Christina Mai - no tent, no stove
  10. Erica Mitchell, Macdonald and Broadway, no tent but I can bring wine!
  11. Jonathan Desautels - stove and alcool
  12. Caleb Ng - tent/stove
  13. Robin Avery - Tents / hilariousity / Main and Broadway
  14. Mark Chui - can meet anywhere; have 2 ropes along with personal gear; will not fart in car
  15. Toby Sirzyk- campus- no tent, no stove, lotsa love
  16. Simeon Burgenmeister- can meet anywhere - wine/beer