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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Main article: Skaha

Skaha is a rock climbing area located near Penticton, BC, in the Okanagan Valley. It is generally pretty dry, making it a common destination for times of the year when Squamish is a little soggy. The VOC usually runs a trip there around Halloween. Skaha has climbs at all levels, in both the traditional and sport styles. There is also top-roping possibilities for beginners who know how to set up top-rope anchors. Absolute beginners should have gone to Son of Rock before, and go with a group that knows how to set up safe top-rope anchors.


May 15th - 17th, 2009

  • Note: likely with some people coming a day early and some leaving a day late.

Pre-trip meeting

Tentatively on Tuesday May 12, if needed


See the trips message board for ideas on where to stay.


Skaha is practically in Penticton, and there's lots of grocery stores close by (assuming you have a car).

What to bring

As with most trips you should have an adequate sleeping bag, tent, means to cook (i.e. stove or someone to share with), food, and appropriate clothing. If you don't have a tent try to find one within your car group to share. Bivouacking is certainly possible this time of the year. If you don't have a stove, bring something delicious to bribe someone and they'll let you share. You should all own sleeping bags by now - c'mon this is an outdoor club. A guidebook would be very useful, so try and scrounge one before coming. If not, a photographic memory will suffice.

Trip Sign Up

Please write next to your name the kind of climbing you would like to do: TR=top-rope, Sport, or Trad. This might help to separate into groups.

    1. Ignacio (sport)
    2. Pasc
    3. Chantelle Chan TR/sport
    4. Sean
    5. Alpha
    6. Ryan
    7. Sascha (sport mostly, maybe some TR)
    8. Maria (mostly TR, sport also OK on easy climbs)
    9. Philipp (trad anyone? got rack'n'rope)
    10. Conrad, TR or sport


If you have space in your car, please post the spots. Passengers pay for gas. If you have a rope and/or rack, please indicate so that we can try and even out people with gear into cars with less gear.
Note: Passengers, contact your drivers a few days in advance to determine meeting locations/times. Contact info can be found on Member List. The onus is not on drivers to track down all their passengers.

  • Ignacio (4 spots) [everything] [Friday Late Afternoon - Monday Mid-Afternoon]

Rental car, at around $30/day, unless not needed. Email me for departure details: rozada at g mail

  1. Ignacio
  2. Pascale
  3. Alpha
  4. Sean
  • Sascha (4 spots) [rope] [Friday Afternoon - Monday whenever]
  1. Sascha
  2. Ryan
  3. Philipp Z.
  4. Maria

Carless People

For those who need a ride.

  • Name (Gear)
  1. Conrad Koziol - tent,stove, no rope
  2. Chantelle Chan [2 person tent, have gear, no rope]