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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.

Remembering Sloquet Hot Springs!


Midterms out of the way, snow not yet deep enough, everything outside is wet...why not make it wetter?

These are hot springs within driving distance of Vancouver...let's go check them out. Leave relatively early Sunday morning, and come back Monday evening all refreshed and ready for a new (short) week of school.

The only caveat: while some sites claim you can make it via Pemberton (as opposed to up Harrison Lake) in 2WD, it isn't a great idea, particularly given our trip length (although it was fine for 2WD last year...things change). so...we need drivers with 4x4 and clearance. To that end, maybe we can organize some sort of 'incentive' program for those of you with access to such a vehicle? along the lines of beer...but maybe we can sort this out at the pre-trip meeting.

Some details about the location: the drive will take us past Pemberton, down Lilloet FSR, and 30km past Skookumchuck Hot Springs to Sloquet. There you will find proper campsites with fire pits and picnic tables, a short walk from the hot springs themselves.


Organized by: Soledad Ronco


Here is the Message Board Thread

Maps and driving beta: bivouac

Less reliable but more optimistic driving beta: tracksandtrails

Photos: geocaching


Start time: Sunday, Nov. 11th

End time: Monday, Nov. 12th

Pre-trip meeting

Pre-trip meeting time: Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 9:00 pm

Pre-trip meeting location: TBD


Sloquet Hot Springs, Sloquet Creek, north of Harrison Lake